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The Scotiabank Center May be going through a name change but the iconic home of the Toronto Maple Leafs became the home of Panic at the Disco on Sunday, July 22 - despite the show almost not happening.


It’s rare to find an artist that manages to successfully blur the boundaries between two seemingly incongruous genres. Though many try, many also fail, and are exiled to far-flung niche markets with little hope of worldwide success. Lindsey Stirling’s success flies in the face of this stereotype....


Two of the biggest names in "classic rock" have come together for an arena/amphitheater tour this summer, I'm talking of course about Journey and The Steve Miller Band. Both bands have more hits, radio singles, successes or whatever you would like to call them than I can even begin to count which meant that fans would most likely be losing their voices by the time that these two were done performing Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara, one of the largest indie and alternative duos out there right now, made a stop in Bethlehem this past week at the Levitt Pavilion. The show is part of the "Let's Get Physical Tour" and directly follows a busy weekend at the Firefly Festival in Delaware, not to mention the fact that this show was part of Artsquest new "Summer Concert Series presented by Yuengling."


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