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On the first day of their tour with Stone Sour and Papa Roach I sat down with Otherwise Drummer Corky Gainsford. Of course the first thing we talked about was the upcoming tour but then I decided to bring up their previous tour with My Darkest Days and suddenly we found ourselves talking about everything that happened with them and the recent developments Three Days Grace. Through out the interview we were joined by both guitarist Ryan Patrick for brief moments and bassist Vassilios Metropoulos who were also on the bus with us. What was meant to be our first video interview turned out to be our last typed one due to a few technical problems with our audio recording. Despite that I still had an amazing time interview these guys and I wanted to make sure the Sight of Sound Magazine audience could enjoy it as well. Without further delay, here is my interview with up-and-coming rock group, Otherwise :

Matt Christine: Thanks for sitting down with Sight of Sound Magazine, I know it must have been a hectic day for you guys so far being that it is the first day of the tour. You probably just arrived here a little bit ago.

Corky Gainsford: About an hour ago yeah. Just enough time for us to shower and get dressed for this interview.

Matt Christine: Well thanks again! Alright, down to business now. Are you guys stoked for this tour with Papa Roach and Stone Sour?

Corky Gainsford: Absolutely, I mean we’ve been on the road for the better part of 2012 and we are starting off 2013 with our biggest tour ever so we really can’t complain.

Matt Christine: No doubt man, speaking of 2012 though. You guys released your debut album, True Love Never Dies, and it has been pretty successful thus far. It’s awesome that you are on such a big tour like this one. I last saw you guys perform in October with My Darkest Days.

Corky Gainsford: Which Club?

Matt Christine: Crocodile Rock, I didn’t even know you guys were on the bill until I got there actually. But tell me about what it was like touring with them.

Corky Gainsford: It was cool man, they were good guys. They treated us well and it was a fun little match up with them and Surrender the Fall. We did about a month with them right?

Vassilios Metropoulos:  Yeah about 5 weeks, I’d say.

Corky Gainsford:  We’ve toured with so many bands over the last year that we’ve been able to learn and take away a new experience from each one. Tours with everyone from Hellyeah to Buckcherry to Lacuna Coil to Pop Evil  Each one of them has given us our own little lesson in rock.

Matt Christine: Yeah I can only imagine, were you guys shocked to see everything happen with My Darkest Days this past month? First with Sal Costa leaving and then Matt Walst joining Three Days Grace as Adam Gontier‘s replacement?

Corky Gainsford: Yeah, I mean we literally played the last show that Three Days Grace played, the WCCC Christmas Chaos Show. We opened that show and thankfully stood out there and watched their set that night. We watched them at Rock Allegiance too, them and Stone Temple Pilots headlined that thing back in September. We actually ran into Adam backstage and we took a photo with him, Chris Jericho from Fozzy and Austin from Hinder but he was telling us how everyone was doing great and than just a few weeks later everything happened so.

Matt Christine: Yeah it was definitely a shock.

Corky Gainsford: Well it became fairly obvious something had been happening for awhile because you can’t make the announcement and magically have Matt’s vocals on some recordings. But yeah we wish them all the best of luck and whatever works out for them.

Matt Christine: That’s all you can do, anyway lets get back on topic. Lets talk about your album, “Soldiers” is obviously the stand out track on the album and has been pushed a lot on radio. How do you guys feel about that song as a band?

Corky Gainsford: “Soldiers” was a surprise from the beginning, the first version was recorded in my garage. We were trying to put together some demos and just get signed. We ended up at a 48 hours festival in October 2011 and we handed a burned CDR to Jose from Siruis Octane. He saw us played, liked our show, and aired our demo literally the next week. From there we were in the buzz bin to get signed and it has been nonstop from there. We actually retracked the guitars and the drums in the studio but the vocals and all the other bells and whistles are from the original recording in my garage. But we never expected that to be our single either, it has kind of long has a slow intro and was just going to be a great album track. But it ended up our single and it has impacted everyone from military communities to people struggling with chemotherapy to life tragedies and so many varieties. It’s been a home hitter.

Matt Christine: I couldn’t agree more, when I saw you perform at Crocodile Rock that song stuck out live to the point that it took me back a bit. I don’t want to compare it to anything but it really reminds me of Motley Crue‘s “Home Sweet Home“, just due the fact that it is a song that anyone can relate to and make their own. That is the kind of thing that gives a song the ability to stick around for years to come.

Corky Gainsford: Yeah man, that song has been really really cool. We just released the video for “I Don’t Apologize” yesterday and that’s our second single. So we’ve been on a roll here its up to number 2 on the charts already. So we are going to see where it takes us.

Matt Christine: Alright cool guys, well thanks guys for answering my questions do have anything else you want to say to my readers?

Corky Gainsford: Buy our album if you don’t already have it and check out the new single “I Don’t Apologize.”

Matt Christine: Yeah, buy tickets for the shows too before they sell out and regret not going.

Corky Gainsford: Absolutely because the opening band doesn’t get a big guestlist so we can’t get you.

Matt Christine: Well thanks again man, I will see you tonight when I’m photographing.

Corky Gainsford: Sounds good,no thank you for this and see you then.

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