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The Used


The Used began their set with vocalist Bert McCracken flicking a lit cigarette into the audience. After an impressive opening lineup, the legendary alt-rockers launched into their first song “Listening.” The 2013 Take Action Tour featured a diverse group of fans, ranging from those who grew up while The Used were still up-and-coming, to much younger fans, just learning to love the band. Their setlist reflected similar tastes, with a healthy blend of earlier hits such as “All That I’ve Got” and “The Taste of Ink,” and more recent hits like “Put Me Out” to please both old and new fans. The energy level was kept high throughout their set, with vocalist Bert McCracken thrashing around with all of the characteristic angst that made the band popular in the early 2000’s. After over an hour of playing, the band exited the stage suddenly, only to reappear for their encore, the perennial hit “Box Of Sharp Objects” that helped the band rise to fame. Though they’ve been around longer than any of the other bands on their tour, The Used proved that they can hold an audience just as well as they could almost a decade ago.


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