Daughtry – Live at the Sands


Daughtry and his band emerged onto the stage at the Sands Event Center in a dimly lit fashion. The venue was still dark as he approached the microphone and belted out the first few lyrics of “Break the Spell,” suddenly the stage burst into light and the crowd lurched forward in anticipation of what was to come. Daughtry‘s vocals were stunning, so much so it actually took me back a little bit when the first song started. I also couldn’t believe how well lit the stage was, I’ve never photographed anything quite like it before. By the 3rd song his jacket was off and almost instantly you could hear all of the girls begin screaming even louder than they were before. The band played 15 song set full of Daughtry‘s hits like “Home” and “September,” as well as an amazing performance of “In The Air Tonight” with Brad Arnold from 3 Doors Down. As Daughtry left the stage I couldn’t believe that we still had 3 Doors Down left to see perform that night. From beginning to end, Daughtry brought it all to the stage and put everything into the show. A truly amazing performance by all accounts.


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