Scotty McCreery – Tour Kick Off


On the opening night of a tour you would expect a few technical difficulties or mistakes, that wasn’t the case for Scotty McCreery though. He took to the stage with a brand new song and got the night going in a grand fashion that would remain for the rest of the night in the Sands Event Center. By the time I allowed into the photo pit to begin capturing the performance on second song, “Water Tower Town,” the crowd was already singing so loudly I could barely even hear myself think. It was hard to believe that this was the first show of the tour because Scotty McCreery made it seem so effortless and well rehearsed, almost as if he had been doing this for years already. The performance had everything from huge beach balls in the audience, an amazing duet performance of “The Dance” with Sarah Darling, and a whole bunch of brand new songs for all the fans. I can’t say enough for how truly talented Scotty McCreery is, his live performance and vocals surpass expectations tenfold. Keep an eye out for his new album to be released in 2013 and buy tickets to a show of “The Weekend Roadtrip” tour because Scotty McCreery is the new face of country music in America.


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