Black Veil Brides – The End an Era


The Black Veil Brides returned to Pennsylvania once more for another performance but this time there were far less technical problems to overcome and the band was all in good health. The Crocodile Rock Cafe had been sold-out for weeks prior to the show that marked their return from the UK and officially kicked of the second leg of “The Church of the Wild Ones” tour. The crowd was almost frozen due to the cold temperatures that took over the venue after the garage doors were opened, but that seemed to fade from their minds when the lights went dark and the band they had been waiting for all night took the stage. As Andy Biersack began singing the first lyrics of “I Am Bulletproof” it sounded like he was doing a duet with the roaring crowd who were almost singing louder than the band was playing. I’ve said it before and I will say it again now, no fans are more dedicated than Black Veil Brides fans. This was the first time I had photographed and reviewed a band more than once on a tour but it was worth it because this band is in top form when it comes to performing live and deserves to be covered. Ashley Purdy slams the bass around like a youthful Nikki Sixx, Jinxx and Jake shred on the guitar with amazing dual teamwork, CC keeps the drumbeat going steadier than a heartbeat, and Andy Biersack delivers vocals that an album could never capture. “The Church of the Wild Ones” is a tour you can’t miss if you enjoy rock or metal music because the Black Veil Brides are the future of the genres.


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