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William Control


The last time I photographed William Control I had said that we was the most difficult musicians I had ever tried to photograph performing. This time was no different but I was a lot more prepared for my second time around on this tour. “The Church of the Wild Ones” tour had returned to the states after a small stint in the UK to play at a sold-out Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown. Fans had literally no room to move due to the overly packed venue, but when William Control walked out in his full priest gowns, like he did when I saw him in Philadelphia, you could see the crowd start moving like an ocean of people to his music. The Black Veil Brides picked an amazing opening act for their tour because William Control has this amazing ability to deliver an awesome set and at the same time get everyone even more excited for the main event. I was really glad that I had a second chance to cover his performance because he is a true musician, he doesn’t need guitar solos or even a drummer, he just needs his voice to get a crowd on their feet and that is true talent.


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