A Conversation with Jake and Jinxx of Black Veil Brides


Just a few hours before they took the stage on their first night back in the states, I had the chance to sit down with Jake and Jinxx from the Black Veil Brides. We shared a few laughs about things and talked about their recent tour to the UK, not Europe as I was corrected early on in the interview. Though we have been rushed to get the interview done in a short amount of time due to the press waiting to get done that day by others, I really enjoyed sitting down with this guitar duo and picking their brains about their recently release album, plans for Warped Tour 2013 and more.

Matt Christine : Thanks guys for sitting down with Sight of Sound Magazine. First off let me just say, welcome back from Europe.

Jake Pitts : Well, we didn’t go to Europe, we went to the UK.

Jinxx : There is a difference.

Me : Close enough though.

Jake : Yeah, but it was cool man. The last show we played as Brixton Acadmeny in London. There were about 5,000 people there, so it was a huge show and we had a whole bunch of pyro that night. That was definitely a good way to end it.

Jinxx : A great way to end it.

Me : Do you guys normally use pyro in your performances on stage?

Jake : We do, where we are allowed to.

Me : Yeah, obviously here at Croc Rock that wouldn’t work to well.

Jinxx : No.

Jake : No, we might burn the place down actually.

Me : What about the upcoming Warped Tour, being that Black Veil Brides were just announced for the whole tour maybe you can use your pyro there in that performance?

Jake : I personally don’t know, I think it could be cool. I would love to do it if we could.

Me : Yeah it could be pretty cool, especially in the middle of the day. Now for a show like Warped Tour with a much smaller set time how do you choose what to play? Will we see the violins on stage or will it be a heavier performance instead?

Jinxx : That is a surprise. Get excited and come out to see it.

Me : I’ll be there don’t worry. Speaking of the violins, I actually think that their inclusion on Wretched and Divine was an awesome aspect. Do you want to talk a little bit about how that came to be on the record?

Jake : That is all him.

Jinxx : Yeah, I was classically trained violist growing up and there was just my opportunity for me to showcase that side of me. So I spent a lot of time working out all the interludes, the overture and something that I’ve wanted to focus on for a long time. It was cool to bring that all out on this album.

Me : You mentioned the interludes, what was it writing music to go along with those? Did you have William Controls voice over first or did you compose the music first?

Jinxx : I had the voice over first and I wrote to the voice. It was cool to do that way, I’ve always been interested in film scoring so it was kind of working like that a little bit.

For more questions with the Black Veil Brides guitar duo, Jake and Jinxx, including questions about their favorite instrument to perform with, the upcoming US tour, a brief interruption from Andy Biersack and more be sure to to listen to the full audio recording below.

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