A Conversation with Cody Hanson of Hinder

Arriving on scene just seconds before my interview was scheduled to begin due to some major traffic on the way, I rushed over to the tour bus area to meet Hinder‘s tour manager along with Cody Hanson, drummer for Hinder. We then set off into the backstage area of the Sands Event Center to try to find a location to do the interview where we wouldn’t be interrupted. After checking nearly every room along the way, we ended up back in a back of house production office. We quickly arranged some chairs, I set up my equipment and we got started right away. Cody and I talled about a lot about Hinder’s album,”Welcome to the Freakshow,” as well their previous Bare Bones Acoustic Tour, the current tour and we had a few laughs along the way. Be sure to check out our photos and review of Hinder‘s show at the Sands Event Center show as well as the coverage from the Bare Bones Tour as well if you missed it back in November.


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