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Once again I arrived at the Sands Event Center to be surprised that an opening act was on the bill. However, this time it was a real nice surprise. Miggs began the night off around 8PM to a crowd that was still filling in for Scott Weiland‘s performance later that night. It was nice to see that the crowd had left the bar to go check them out after their set got going because Miggs deserved that attention. Lead singer, Don Miggs, played guitar for a good portion of the set but showed the crowd he knew how to rock when he began jumping around the stage, in the crowd, and eventually of the drumkit. I, like many others that night, went over to their merch area to pick up an album to take home with because I didn’t want their performance to end. Miggs shows that rock still has potential to grow again.

For more information of Miggs check out their Facebook or their official website , and if you are going to see Scott Weiland on his “Purple to the Core” tour you will have the opportunity to experience their raw talent live. You’ll want to keep an eye on Miggs this year.


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