Scott Weiland – Purple at the Core


After a slight delay in taking the stage, Scott Weiland‘s band, The Wildabouts, walked out on stage around 9:45pm and kicked off an opening jam. Scott Weiland himself would emerge a few minutes later with a lit cigarette and ask for the venue to set the mood with some blue and green lights instead of the harsh purples and reds that were on. After that the show was on its way as Weiland grabbed a megaphone and burst into a version of “Crackerman” that he called the original and the way it should have been recorded. His band tried to keep the pace with him as best as they could but Scott Weiland‘s talent out shined theirs and it became noticeable to the crowd that the Wildabouts were a little inexperienced when it came to live performances. However, this didn’t effect Scott Weiland one bit because his voice was the best that I have heard it in a very long time. One of the most memorable moments of the night came when he covered “Jean Genie” by David Bowie, mainly because he danced around just like Bowie would have performing.


Later in the night Weiland apologized to the crowd for being late and his performance really made up for it to the fans. He played plenty of tracks of both “Purple” and “Core,” not to mention the 3 covers as well. Though Scott Weiland‘s future with Stone Temple Pilots may be questionable right now, this performance showed that his talent will shine on regardless of all that drama. The “Purple at the Core” tour has just begun and tickets are still on sale for most dates on the tour. For more information direct yourself to Scott Weiland‘s Facebook or Website, don’t miss out on seeing one of rock’s most iconic frontmen perform classic hits on this solo tour.

Setlist :

“Opening Jam”
“Wicked Garden”
“Naked Sunday”
“Jean Genie” (David Bowie)
“Kitchenware & Candy Bars”
“Where the River Goes”
“Big Empty”
“Can’t Stand Me Now” (The Libertines)
“Pretty Penny”
“Interstate Love Song”
Encore :
“Roadhouse Blues” (The Doors)
“Sex Type Thing”

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