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anthony-1After a short walk from the box office, where I had just picked up my photo pass for the night’s show, I found my way to a back parking lot behind the Sherman Theater to see Circa Survive‘s tour bus. I was scheduled to interview Anthony Green at 6:30PM that day, but both he and I were ready to go early so after a text to the tour manager we decided we would just go ahead and knock out earlier. As I climbed onto the fully packed bus I was greeted by Anthony and we headed to the back of the bus where we could sit down and get this interview started. As I set up my gear I noticed just how dark it was and we made the decision to just record the audio of the interview, luckily I had Henry Chung from Neostar Promotions along with me for the interview because he was able to snap a few photos using my camera to run along with the transcript and audio. I clicked the record button and Anthony and I got the interview started off.

Matt Christine : Thank you for sitting down with Sight of Sound Magazine today Anthony.

Anthony Green : No problem.

Matt : Welcome home to a certain extent.

Anthony : Sort of, yeah.

Matt : Yeah, close enough. Have you guys ever played at the Sherman Theater before?

Anthony : We played here once like a year or two ago with Taking Back Sunday, right when they got like all of the original members back in the band. It was really cool.

Matt : That sounds awesome, well let’s talk about “Violent Waves.” It was self-released. Which I know was a really big deal for you as a band and the music industry as a whole reacted positively to that decision. Do you foresee the band continuing down this path in the future?

Anthony : Yeah, there is no reason why would ever stray from that now. Unless we found a really perfect partner and the deal was really good you know? I can’t imagine why would release a record any other way.

Matt : Well much respect to you guys for self-releasing that album, I know there is a certain degree of professionalism that comes along with doing that and it is a lot different than what most bands are doing.

Anthony : Yeah, people don’t relieze how much is involved in releasing a record there is a lot – Da-da? – Heyy buddy, wanna come say hi? –Yeah – There is a lot that is involved in promoting and releasing an album and that is hard to do when you are also writing and recording it all. I think it would be difficult for a band that hasn’t been touring for 10 years and had a pretty dedicated and awesome following.

Matt : Yeah, I would imagine that would help. So how does it feel to see a lot of the bands within the “local” scene grow and gain as much attention as it has? Bands like Title Fight and even Motionless In White.

Anthony : It is always awesome seeing young bands from the area, you know like Balance and Composure and Title Fight, just killing it like they are doing. They make such good music, I love Title Fight and Balance and Composure so much and it is so awesome to see other people catching on.

Matt : Yeah, Pennsylvania is really becoming a hot market for new music.

Anthony : You know I feel there has always been a great like hardcore and punk rock scene here but it is cool to see it busting through.

Matt : It is definetly making it’s impression on the world now. So a few years ago you put out the “Appendages – EP” on vinyl for Record Store Day. Will you guys be doing anything special for Record Store Day this year?

Anthony : I don’t think we have anything – Daddy?! – I’m doing an interview buddy, you wanna come say hi? – I think we are just planning on releasing new music and we just didn’t have it ready in time for Record Store Day.

Matt : It happens, well you guys just wrapped up a headlining tour in the fall, you did an acoustic tour with Geof and now you’re at the half-way point of a co-headlining tour with Minus the Bear. Whats in-store for summer?

Anthony : Well we are going to Australia and Asia with Coheed and Cambria. We are going to do Hawaii, we are going to write and I’m going to do my next solo record, so a lot of stuff. Always busy.

Matt : With nearly a decade’s worth of music, what would be your favorite song to perform live?

Anthony : You can’t really pick favorites because there is so much and there is not a song that we ever have that I wouldn’t want to play that wouldn’t make me feel good to play. We have been closing the nights with “Get Out” and that as the last song to play kind of feels good, it is a great end to the set.

Matt : I saw on Facebook that people were voting for the setlist, is that something you do often?

Anthony : We actually just started that on this tour because the last tour was the first time we ever changed the set every night. Now that we have so much more material and so much to choose from it helps us sometimes to hear that a bunch of people want to hear “All your friends are gone” , so we do it.

Matt : That is great, I haven’t seen many bands have that pre-show interaction with their fans before.

Anthony : Technology is amazing if you use the right way. We are able to stay in contact and in touch with the main core of our fans. Those are the people who will come out and buy the record right when it comes or buy tickets right away, they just really love the band.

Matt : So does anybody have day jobs when at home and not touring?

Anthony : No, not that I know of. This is it. We’ve been making a living doing this for awhile now but we would probably be making more money working full time at 7/11. Its not about making a shitload of money as much as it is just doing what you love.

Matt : What have you guys been listening to these days?c

Anthony : Well I love that Title Fight record, they are really good. I love Balance and Composure, listen to that record a whole lot, the new Deftones gets put on almost every I time I put my headphones on before bed. I love that album.

Matt : They were just here at the Sherman Theater actually.

Anthony : Yeah, the lady out front was telling us about that.

Matt : A few years ago, there was a piece in Alternative Press where you interviewed Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction. Have you two kept in touch since then?

Anthony : No it was kind of a one off, it was cool though. There is a possibility that Circa might do something with them in the future. I don’t know if he would even remember of me, it would have been sweet if we were like best buds after that though.

Matt : The deluxe version of last year’s ‘Beautiful Things‘ was one of the rare bonus editions in that there were some awesome songs left off of the regular edition. How did you get Chino from the Deftones, Nate from FUN., Lights and Ida Maria to appear on it?

Anthony : We really just sent the songs out to the people we wanted to be on them and those were the people that responded. I sent Chino that song cause I wanted him to do it and luckily at the last minute he got back and was like I got this track and I like it. I thought he hadn’t gotten it or didn’t want to do it.

Matt : Was there anyone who didn’t get back to you?

Anthony : There was, John from Portugal the Man. We wanted him to be on “Get Yours While you Can” but he was too busy, so he better do it next time.

Matt : Well that is all that I have for you, should be a good show tonight.

Anthony : Dude it is going to be a great tonight, I love this town. Anytime we play around this area it is always fun.

Matt : No doubt, well thanks again for sitting down with Sight of Sound Magazine today, I’ll see you later on from the photo pit for the first three songs.

Anthony : No problem brother.

Below is the original audio recording from the interview, there are a few “off topic” moments where Anthony, Henry and I had discussions during the interview as well as a few more interruptions and distractions that I edited out just for ease of reading. Don’t forget to check that out our photo and review coverage of Circa Survive‘s return to Pennsylvania.


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