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Now a decade into their career, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus brought their tour to Planet Trog in Whitehall on April 24th. The band is currently touring in support of their new EP “Et Tu Brute,” which was released in early March. The show packed the venue almost to capacity that night which was great to see because this place needs more attention and bigger name acts are going to bring that too them. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus took the stage nearly 40 minutes early of their scheduled time which was a pleasant surprise to the entire audience who were there mostly for them and not the openers. Lead vocalist, Ronnie Winter, has been with the band from the very beginning to now and it became very clear that he is the driving force behind the band. The musicians in the band were great, don’t get me wrong, but Ronnie Winter had a passion for the songs that none of the rest of the band had and the crowd really fed off his amazing on stage energy. (Continued Below)


The night consisted of a variety of music from the beginning up until their new EP, which in my opinion is some of the strongest material to date. The obvious highlight of the night for the crowd came with the final performance of “Face Down”  but an early on performance of “Remember Me” was the true highlight. After a decade the band has managed to survive multiple line up changes and keep playing the music for the fans who love it the most. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus played the best show that has ever taken place at Planet Trog, hopefully this is a sign of times to come for the venue because it was great to see a big name act in such an intimate setting. Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine‘s exclusive photos of the show below and purchase tickets for an upcoming Red Jumpsuit Apparatus show if you haven’t already!

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