Bullet for My Valentine’s Sherman Theater Take Over

A lot of bands have played at the Sherman Theater over the years and there have been lots of good performances to be honest. Sadly not one of these bands could even come close to the spectacle that Bullet for My Valentine, headliner of the hardDrive Live 5 Tour , put on for the crowd Sunday night. The band is currently touring in support of their new release, “Temper Temper,” and began their setlist with the opening track from the album, “Breaking Point.” There really is no way to describe the band for readers who have never seen them before in any other way then calling them the “European Metallica” because that is how tight these guys are when they perform live. The audio mix is perfect, the lighting is truly stunning, and the band feeds off the crowd’s energy like hungry animals.

It is one thing for band to get the crowd to open up a moshpit or get a few people crowd surfing but Bullet for My Valentine turned the whole Sherman Theater into a crowd surfing mosh pit ocean that security could hardly maintain them at times. A common fear that I heard from the crowd prior to the bands set was that they were worried that the setlist would be focused on primarily new material. It didn’t take long for these fears to be subdued because the band put together a perfect mix of new and old with a pleasant surprise along the way. For the performance of “Dirty Little Secret” off of “Temper Temper” the band was joined by Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale for an amazing duet rendition of the song that honestly was the highlight of the night. I personally hope that they release a studio version of this soon because it was an out of this world live performance.

As with every amazing show, it must come to end at some point and it did with as much finesse and perfection as it began. Bullet for My Valentine walked off the stage knowing that they had delivered an amazing show to the Sherman Theater, little did they know it was possibly the best the venue has ever had. The crowd was treated to an amazing night of music with the hardDrive Live 5 tour and as they headed out the majority of them stopped at the merch to pick up new albums for the rides home. Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine‘s exclusive photo gallery of Bullet for My Valentine posted below and as always the setlist is posted too. All I have left to say is, I can’t wait for them to come back around this area because nothing compares to a Bullet for My Valentine show for both fans and photographers alike.

Breaking Point
Your Betrayal
Waking the Demon
4 Words
Temper Temper
The Last Fight
Drum Solo
Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow
Guitar Solo
Dirty Little Secret featuring Lzzy Hale
Scream Aim Fire

Pleasure and Pain
Tears Don’t Fall

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