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Stars in Stereo

The hardDrive Live 5 tour had arrived to the Sherman Theater to a sold out crowd, give or take about 20 tickets that weren’t sold prior to the doors opening. Around 1,900 people crowded into the Sherman Theater for a great night of rock and metal as Stars in Stereo took to the stage first to kick everything off. Sight of Sound Magazine had covered the band previously, click here to view staff photographer Liana Marie‘s photos and review from their previous tour with Drowning Pool, but this was my first time seeing and photographing the band live.

Needless to say, I was blown away as was most of the crowd that night. I want to comment that it is often a good choice for an opening band to play a cover song because the crowd might not be entirely familiar with every song in their library and Stars in Stereo did just that with an amazing performance of “Dream On” that got the crowd screaming when singer Bec Hollcraft hit the high notes at the end of the song. This band brings it all and you better make sure to catch one of their performances soon because they are going places. Enjoy our exclusive photo gallery below!

Gallery : Click on an image to view fullscreen.

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