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Young Guns

The band from across the pond, Young Guns was the second to perform on this years hardDrive Live tour at the Sherman Theater. The band wasted no time and went right into a high octane set that they kept to for the entire length of their performance. Early on the band was sure to introduce themselves formally to the crowd because it was their first time at the Sherman Theater and as they said themselves “they were a long way from London.” Singer, Gustav Wood is perfect fit for the band because of both his unique vocal style and his signature high energy on stage.

I can honestly say that I have never seen a lead singer so passionate and animated on stage, his level of commitment and hyper activity was mind blowing (not to mention difficult to photograph!)  The band was well received by the crowd which was good to see and they came the ball rolling for the headliners to come later in the night. Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine‘s Exclusive photos below as well as a copy of the band’s setlist from the night.

Dearly Departed
Winter Kiss
Brother in Arms

Gallery : Click on an image to view fullscreen.

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