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Hollywood Undead

What can I say, Hollywood Undead are a lot of fun for photographers and fans a like. I missed the bands performance during the rainy second day of the 2013 Carolina Rebellion and I am now kicking myself for that mistake. The band has gone through a few line up changes over the years but that isn’t what matters now because the current line up is spot on. The band still wears masks as they have since the beginning of their career but now the bar has been raised and the majority of the masks contain LED elements, which when mixed with their amazing light show look stunning. The band took to the stage with a popular crowd favorite, “Undead,” and they made the already hot Sherman Theater get a lot warmer from all the moving bodies dancing to the song. (Continued Below)

As I started to say before, this show was just a lot of fun. I also can’t say enough about how nice Hollywood Undead‘s fans were. I have been to a lot of shows in the past few years and I have never met a group that was as kind to me as they were so they deserve a major shout out right now. All and all I really have nothing negative to say about the bands performance at the Sherman Theater other than the fact that it was a shame that Falling in Reverse had to drop off the tour about a week before the show. Below is Sight of Sound Magazine‘s new rating system for live reviews, this is our first time doing this time of break down so bear with us as we tweak it a bit over the next few shows. As always be sure to check out the full photo gallery below as well.

Vocals : 8
Instrumentals : 8
Stage Presence : 9
Crowd Participation : 8
Visual Performance / Lighting : 10
Merchandise : 5
Overall Rating : 8

Final Comments : For a fun night of music (and a good performance) I recommend purchasing a ticket, just don’t expect more from the band than what they are. Hollywood Undead comes to party!

Gallery : Click on an image to view fullscreen.

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