Korn’s Return to Touring (And Sold Out Shows)

Very few people could have foreseen this day coming; a re-united Korn with Brian HeadWelch for a tour and a new album. Other than Head‘s return, the tour is essentially a continuation Korn‘s “Path of Totality” touring cycle. Despite not having a new album out in a few years, the band is still packing venues with dedicated fans and did so for their performance at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, PA. Before the band took the stage fans were chatting all about how excited they were to see everyone back on stage together and how they were even more excited to see what the band did in the studio together for their next album.

As the lights went dark and the crowd began to move in anticipation for the band to emerge on stage, a lone figure, possibly the tour manager, walked over and slowly removed the towel that had been covering lead singer, Jonathan Davis‘ microphone stand. I had heard prior to this from photographers in the photo pit that this microphone stand was a thing of legend but there descriptions fell short to the actual beauty of the stand. In what felt like just mere seconds the opening riffs of “Blind” began to echo the Sands Event Center and the band burst onto stage as their LED stage screens began to flash in sync with the rhythm of the music.

The 15 minutes photographers had in the photo pit provides just a sampling of the amazing stage show that Korn puts on as they play. Their raised drum kit for drummer, Ray Luzier, sits atop an LED perch and is surround by even more of similarly stylized LED screens that provide incredible effects to go along with the songs the band is playing. It was hard to deny the fact that the crowd was excited to see the return of Head to the band but this didn’t stop James Munky” Shaffer and ReginaldFieldyArvizu from shining of their respected parts of the songs. In fact, Munky was one of the best bassists I have ever seen perform live to date. And of course lets not forget the vocalist of the band, Jonathan Davis is incredibly talented and his live vocals more than live up to the incredible reputation that he has built with Korn over the years.

All in all, I have to say that Korn is back and better than ever with this line up. I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the studio now because I’m sure it will be an incredible addition to an already incredible library of music. I have never seen a band happier to be on stage than this one, each member was nothing but smiles the whole show and seemed to just enjoy being on stage together. The Sands Event Center was lucky to have a show of such a high caliber put on because shows like this one are few and far between these days. Sight of Sound Magazine‘s breakdown of the performance by category can be seen below as well as our exclusive photo gallery from performance. Be sure to check out these photos of Korn‘s performance and do yourself a favor, buy a ticket for an upcoming performance because this is a metal tour you can’t afford to miss.

Vocals : 9
Instrumentals : 10
Stage Presence : 10
Crowd Participation : 9
Visual Performance / Lighting : 10
Merchandise : 9
Overall Rating : 9.5

Final Comments : Incredible, all aspects of Korn‘s performance are near perfect and no fan could possibly walk away from the show disappointed. Another side note is that their stage set up is nothing like anything else I have seen and really works well with their setlist, not to mention the fact that it was incredible to photograph.

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