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Heaven’s Basement

Once in awhile I will come across a band that truly gives me hope for rock n’ roll music and Heaven’s Basement is one of those bands. They are currently on tour with Buckcherry as one of the opening acts and they are bringing it on stage every night, so much so that they perform as if they are a headlining act. Though the song hasn’t been out long, it was incredible to watch the Sands Event Center sing along to “Fire, Fire” as if they had been singing it all their lives. Lead singer, Aaron Buchanan, is a total monster on stage with the way he jumps and moves with each note of the song in a way that mimics a young Mick Jagger mixed with Freddy Mercury.

My point is, you should really check this band out. Their tour with Buckcherry is rapping up as I type this but the band will be continuing on the road with various tours and festivals for the remainder of the summer so check them out because you won’t be disappointed! Heaven’s Basement has made a mark on the rock scene in just a short amount of time and I am excited to see what they will do in the coming years. Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine‘s formal review of their performance as well as our exclusive photo gallery below!

Vocals : 10
Instrumentals : 8
Stage Presence : 10
Crowd Participation : 6
Visual Performance / Lighting : 7
Merchandise : 7
Overall Rating : 8.5

Final Comments : I personally LOVE to see such talent from an upcoming rock band. I have a feeling that Heaven’s Basement are going to be what I like to call “the next great thing” for rock n’ roll music so I was happy I got to photograph them early in their career. Check these guys out, show them support by purchasing their new album, in stores now!

Gallery : Click on an image to view fullscreen.

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