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Buckcherry‘s return to Bethlehem after performing at last year’s Musikfest proved to be another great night of rock music for the Sands Event Center. The band was set to hit stage promptly at 10:05 to a crowd that turned out to be a lot bigger than was expected for the night, it seemed like the majority of people were interested in showing up just for Buckcherry and not any of the opening acts. Regardless, the venue easily had a crowd of near 2,000 people by the time the band was set to hit the stage.

The lights went dim and Xavier Muriel began pounding on the drums at the start of “Ridin’” which turned out to the be que for the rest of the band to come running out on stage and get the rock show started. After grabbing a bottle of water from the side of the stage the band wasted very little time talking and quickly launched into “Rescue Me” and “All Night Long.” A magnificent display of colors back lit the band as they performed and at times the massive veil of color turned them into nothing but silhouettes for the crowd to watch.

Buckcherry‘s lead singer, Josh Todd, is as energetic as ever (if not even more) and never seems to run out of energy while performing. It had been a few years since I last saw the band perform, 2 album cycles ago actually, but the band is better than ever in my opinion and the new material provides a lot of depth to their performance too. It has taken over a decade but Buckcherry has finally made it out of the club scene and into the arena scene where they belong. From start to finish, Buckcherry delivered a great setlist which was featured a few radio singles and a whole bunch of rarities from their older albums like “Porno Star” and “Onset.” The band finished the night a little bit past 11 after a small encore and another night of amazing rock n’ roll came to an end at the Sands Event Center.

With such an amazing performance it is hard to find fault but early on in the show I noticed a total lack of participation at times from the crowd, it seemed like they only felt like singing along every other song which was really odd because the band was killing it on stage. Other than the crowd’s energy being a disappointment at times the show was incredible and I would love to see the band make a return to Bethlehem next year! Sight of Sound Magazine has an exclusive photo gallery of the band’s performance below as well as a formal review and some final comments from the night. Be sure to check out our photos and review of Buckcherry‘s return to Bethlehem!

Vocals : 9
Instrumentals : 8
Stage Presence : 8
Crowd Participation : 6
Visual Performance / Lighting : 10
Merchandise : 8
Overall Rating : 8.5

Final Comments : A great show for any true Buckcherry fan, don’t go expecting to hear every popular song because the band loves to play some real deep cuts from their albums and mixes up the setlist nearly every night. Josh Todd is the real shining star of the band, his vocals are always spot on even when he his jumping around stage like a madman. Overall I would highly recommend going to see them for a fun night of rock, just don’t expect a lot of crowd surfing or dancing of any kind.

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