Billy Idol – Live at the Sands

At the beginning of the year the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem began taunting their fans/followers that they had an awesome summer of rock shows in store for them and last night was another great addition to their summer calendar. Billy Idol came through town on a tour that seemed to be announced at the last minute following the band’s addition to the Bonnarro lineup. The show was an early one, with a 7PM start but this didn’t prevent fans from coming out because by 6:55PM the venue was jam packed in the standing room sections and there wasn’t a seat to be seen empty in the reserved sections. Right on time, the stage became illuminated by the band’s lighting and one by one the band walked out to the roar of the Bethlehem crowd.

Billy Idol is still performing as good as he did in his early years, his vocals sound crisp and you can really see that he takes care of himself by working out. This isn’t to say that he is doing cartwheels across the stage but he still has more than enough energy to get the crowd going, in fact I would say that he fed off the crowd’s energy more than most musicians do. But Billy Idol wasn’t the only star on the stage that night, at his side was guitar legend Steve Stevens known for his work of course with Billy Idol but other musicians like Vince Neil and even his own solo albums. Together the two musicians proved to be the core of the band and shined from start to finish.

Steve Stevens has multiple solos during the show which gave Billy Idol a few seconds of vocal rest before the crucial songs of the night like “Rebel Yell” and “White Wedding.” It was a pleasant surprise to see the band play some more obscure songs like “Dancing with Myself, ” and “LA Woman” by The Doors. For a last minute tour, Billy Idol and his bandmates put on a memorable show in the Sands Event Center‘s Summer of Rock. The tour continues on all the way until the Bonnarro show, if you get the chance to get out a show make sure you do because musicians like these are hard to find these days. Below is Sight of Sound Magazine‘s exclusive photo gallery of Billy Idol, Steve Stevens and the rest of the band as well as our formal review from the night. Enjoy, and see you all soon with more show coverage!

Vocals : 8.5
Instrumentals : 10
Stage Presence : 8
Crowd Participation : 9
Visual Performance / Lighting : 8
Merchandise : 8
Overall Rating : 9

Final Comments : An awesome show from a rock idol, no pun intended. Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, and the rest of the band are a genre of musicians that are nearly impossible to find in today’s music industry. If you haven’t seen them live before I recommend you do so soon because you never know how long a band/performer is going to keep doing this, look at David Bowie for example he hasn’t toured in years. Do yourself a favor, go see Billy Idol and rock out to a legend while you still can.

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