Alice Cooper – Live in Reading, PA

There is only one king of shock rock and that is Alice Cooper. His summer tour, The Masters of Madness – Shock Therapy Tour, came to the Reading Sovereign Center last night and delivered in true shock rock form. Following a theatrical and amazingly artistic performance by Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper took to the stage right around 9:40 following a dramatic curtain drama. The floor was packed to capacity and the entire arena stood from their seats as a wall of sparks began cascading from the ceiling, only parting to allow Mr. Cooper to emerge. As he began to sing the opening lines of “Hello Hooray” the sparks ceased and he was joined on stage by the rest of his current touring band. 

The amount of sheer talent on the stage was breath taking to witness because alongside Alice Cooper stood Oranithi, former touring guitarist for the late Michael Jackson and established solo artist in her own right. It is fair to say that her skills with a guitar breathe new life into Cooper’s classic songs, making things a little bit more interesting at times. The crowd is treated to everything from a shower of fake money on “Billion Dollar Babies“, a live snake, a be-heading, and even a couple of Alice Cooper‘s batons to take home. Despite his age, Alice Cooper still puts on a legendary rock show and his vocals are still on point for most of the songs.

Alice Cooper‘s 18 song setlist came to an end with the best possible ending that could have been imagined. As the band emerged for their encore performance of “I’m Eighteen,” they were joined by none other than Marilyn Manson for an awesome duet performance of the classic track that brought the house down on an amazing night of shock rock. Very rarely do I get to photograph a show that is so perfectly lit and so theatrical, it is truly a photographers dream to shoot shows like this one. Alice Cooper‘s lighting and stage presence put him right up there with other great photographic acts like Kiss.

Below is Sight of Sound Magazine‘s formal review of the show, final comments and our exclusive photo gallery. Be sure to check out the photos of the performance and stay tuned as our Summer of Madness continues with more coverage later this week!

Vocals : 9
Instrumentals : 10
Stage Presence : 10
Crowd Participation : 9
Visual Performance / Lighting : 10
Merchandise : 10
Overall Rating : 10

Final Comments : Alice Cooper puts on a legendary by all definitions of the word, from start to finish you are entertained by both his musical talent and theatrical talent. His all star band featuring Orinathi just adds a whole extra layer to the show and tops off an already perfect package. It was my first time at the Reading Sovereign Center for a show also, it was the perfect size venue for this show actually. Final thoughts? Stop reading this and go see Alice Cooper now!

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