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From day one the Musikfest Cafe sponsered by ArtsQuest has done a great job of bringing in a wide range of musical talent. Their most recent show featuring Delta Rae is sure to go down as one of the best the venue has booked since it opened a few years ago. Once inside, fans were greeted to their choice of either a wide open standing room area or take a seat at a table and have a meal as they watched the performance. For the first portion of the night the crowd was adamant about remaining in their assigned seats but all this changed once Delta Rae walked out and began to opening lyrics of “Morning Comes.” In an instant the crowd came to life and people flocked to get closer to the stage wherever they could. (Continued Below)

Delta Rae‘s performance can be summed up with about five words in total ; pure, stunning, beautiful, artistic, and powerful. Individually, all of the members are very talented musicians but when they take the stage together and begin harmonizing in the way they do the results are astounding. One of the things that I enjoyed the most, as did most of the crowd, was just watching how much fun they were having during their performance. The variety of instruments also livened things up a lot and by this I mean the use of their signature drum, trash cans, guitars, piano, and more!

As their set came to an end you could tell that everyone in the crowd had the time of their lives that night with Delta Rae. I had a blast a photographing them, so I can only imagine how much fun the fans were having singing along! The band ended with a promise that they would be back soon to the Lehigh Valley and when that day comes I guarantee that everyone who was there will be attending again for another fun night of music. Below is Sight of Sound Magazine‘s exclusive photo gallery of the performance, a formal review, and my final thoughts from the night. Enjoy the photos!!

Vocals : 10
Instrumentals : 10
Stage Presence : 8
Crowd Participation : 8
Visual Performance / Lighting : 6
Merchandise : 8
Overall Rating : 9

Final Comments : Delta Rae are just as fun as they are talented. The venue really allowed for their performance to shine because of it’s top of the line sound system and unique stage set up allowing fans to view from almost 360 degrees. The only thing that would have topped the performance off was the use of more lights at crucial points in songs, it was very hard to see everyone on the stage at times due to the LED lights the venue was using. Otherwise the performance was out of this world, I recommend checking this band out soon because they won’t be playing in these small venues much longer, the only way they are going is up from here.

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