Aaron Carter’s Triumphant Return

The boy that the 90’s saw rise to fame with hits like “I Want Candy” and “How I Beat Shaq” is back and he’s better than ever, that’s right I’m talking about Aaron Carter. After a few ups and downs over the past few years, Aaron Carter took some time off from music but he has returned now for “The Afterparty Tour ,” his first official tour in nearly 8 years!

The crowd in the Maingate Club/Concert Venue in Allentown was brimming with excitement for the chance to see him live finally after all this time and they roared with excitement when he danced away on stage a little bit past 8:15 that night.

This is what everyone was waiting for, could Aaron Carter still sing that songs that they loved after all this years? The answer was yes, yes he could and he did so in a fantastic fashion. I would go as far to say that age has really helped as a performer because he is able to do more with his on stage performance now. Not to mention the fact that he loved interacting with fans in the crowd and not just those in the front, he made sure the people a few rows back got his attention too. Everything from dancing, front flips, American flags, and pulling fans on stage was a part of the “Afterparty” in Allentown that night. (Continued Below)

The show ended with the same bang that it started with, but the party didn’t because a lot of the older crowd ended up going to the Sands Casino for a real after party with Aaron Carter that went well into the night. It was great to see such a talented performance put on at the Maingate because the venue is relatively new the Lehigh Valley music scene. All in all Aaron Carter put on a great show and proved that age has only made him better. Now all he needs to do is put out a new album because something tells me his “party” is just getting started.

Sight of Sound Magazine has an exclusive photo gallery from Aaron Carter‘s performance at the Maingate below, as well as a formal review and my final thoughts from the night. Enjoy, and keep coming back for all your local music news in the PA/NJ area!

Vocals : 10
Instrumentals : 8
Stage Presence : 10
Crowd Participation : 10
Visual Performance / Lighting : 6
Merchandise : 8
Overall Rating : 9.5

Final Comments : The only thing that held back Aaron Carter‘s performance wasn’t even something he could control, Maingate‘s lighting rigs just aren’t set up for a concert yet and being that the venue is primarily a nightclub this was to be expected. Other then that the show was nothing short of perfect, every fan felt like they were truly a part of the performance with all the attention they received from him and his vocals were spot on the whole night. Aaron’s Party is back and here to stay from the looks of it!

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