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Musikfest 2013 came to a close with a night of pure metal and only two words come to mind to describe it, total chaos. The time’s for the show were adjusted just hours before to accommodate the band’s request not to be competing with the fireworks set to be going off that night as well. The Sands SteelStage was filling in by the minute and people were slowly filling in to their seats, though they wouldn’t stay there for long because who wants to be still at a metal concert.


The first band to hit the stage was Mindset Evolution, who I can happily say have gotten a lot better since I covered them on their previous tour with Buckcherry. I’m going to chalk up my last encounter with the band as being a band mix or sound issue at the venue because they absolutely killed it on the stage. You could tell they made some new fans with their performance too because the line at their merch stand afterwards was well over five-hundred people long. Are they the most original thing out there right now in the rock world? No, probably not but they do their jobs very well and that is what really matters in this business. It was great to see them perform on the Sands Steelstage, check these guys out if you haven’t already.

Vocals : 10
Instrumentals : 8
Stage Presence : 8
Crowd Participation : 9
Visual Performance / Lighting : 8
Overall Rating : 8.5


The next band to take the stage were no strangers to doing so despite the newly formed status of their band. I’m talking of course about Fight of Flight, featuring 2 of the former members of Disturbed. Having never heard their music before at all I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the melodic section of their songs. This isn’t too surprising though because that is something I always enjoyed about Disturbed too. The band’s set was rushed due to the time changes that evening and you could tell the crowd could have gone for 1 or 2 more songs from them because as quickly as they emerged it was over and everyone was left standing waiting for the headliner of the night.

Vocals : 8
Instrumentals : 8
Stage Presence : 8
Crowd Participation : 6
Visual Performance / Lighting : 8
Overall Rating : 8


The moment everyone was waiting for had arrived; the arrival of the kings of metal, Avenged Sevenfold. Prior to them coming out total chaos unfolded, the seat arrangements that people paid for were thrown out the window as fans pushed forward in a desperate attempt to form a pit of sorts despite the chairs being in their way. I can’t say it was the best decision in the world to leave the chairs down for the a show like this, especially being the final night of the festival anyway. Had the chairs been removed more tickets would have been sold without a doubt because I know of a lot of fans who were turned off by the idea of having strict seating for a metal show like this.

The chaos of the crowd only grew when the stage lights turned on and M. Shadows emerged to a cascade of fire and began belting out the opening lyrics of “Critical Acclaim.” For the first half of the concert the band seemed very weird and long time A7X fans at the show confirmed this thought I was having. We aren’t sure if they too were turned off by the seating idea of the venue (Which M. Shadows did comment on and make fun of at one point) or if it was just fatigue from their performance in Canada the night before.


The band seemed to shake themselves out of that weird place they were in by the time they got to long time fan favorite “Nightmare” and their new single “Hail to the King.” Their set ended after 12 epic songs and easily a ton of pyro/fireworks. The band walked off stage knowing that they closed out one of the biggest festivals in the world and they had delivered. Musikfest 2013 was over and it had been a blast from start to finish, now the wait begins to see who will be tearing up the stage next year.

Vocals : 10
Instrumentals : 10
Stage Presence : 10
Crowd Participation : 10
Visual Performance / Lighting : 6
Overall Rating : 10

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