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After seeing Scott Weiland perform at the Fillmore Charlotte as part of the “Purple to the Core” tour, two words come to mind, “Wow” and “Sad”.  Wow, for several reasons. Scott Weiland, while being head of STP and Velvet Revolver for many years , arenas were packed with concert goers to see the show. However, not the case at the Fillmore.  The lower level was about 65 percent full and way less by the time the show was over. I hate to contribute to the recent negative publicity, but concert goers are not wanting to spend money on a show performed by a fully inebriated Scott Weiland. I have been a fan of STP since the 90’s and was pretty disappointed in the overall show. Some songs were hit or miss. The vocal range is no longer there and a drunken Scott Weiland was slurring over words song after song.  I will give him credit though for still feeling the music during his performance. His energy level was high throughout the evening, putting on the STP vibe fans are use to.  He interacted with his new bandmates, the Wildabouts, leaning on their backs and enjoying his music.  All this while seeming a little lost, which brings me to “sad”.

Sad, because it was very evident this evening how drugs and alcohol can ruin your life and career.  Getting kicked out of your own band and playing with a group with half the talent and energy of STP is probably not the way he ever intended his career to go. At one point during the show, a drunken and blabbering Scott asked the crowd to go to his Facebook page and complain that there is only one merchandise item available for sale. He would be lucky if people didn’t complain about his performance instead.  It’s just sad to see him barely hanging on to what he has left. I had a thought run through my head during the show. I thought to myself, “This is the last time I’ll see Scott Weiland alive”, which is sad. I hope I’m wrong and some how Scott cleans himself up, because its sad to see talent wash away with the amount of evident abuse seen at this show.

I would be lying if I said I would recommend this show, but I also wouldn’t say don’t go. I bought a ticket knowing what I was going into.  True fans will enjoy it and all others will be disappointed.

Setlist: Opening Jam/Crackerman/Meatplow/Paralysis/Big Empty/Jean Genie/Kitchenware & Candybars/Where the River Goes/Mountain Song/Can’t Stand Me Now/Vasoline/Dead & Bloated/ENCORE: Roadhouse Blues/Unglued

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