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It had been one year almost to the date since Sight of Sound Magazine had caught The Ready Set on stage and it safe to say that a lot has changed since that last show. The band is currently out as an opening act for We The King‘s new Summerfest Tour. Being an opening act on the tour the band only ends up getting a 7 song set but this doesn’t stop their fans from packing the venue to catch the show. Fans of The Ready Set were actually the first thing I encountered in the venue, they were allowed early access to the Sherman Theater for a VIP meet and greet with lead singer Jordan Witzigreuter.

Luckily for them they didn’t have to wait long for their pop-punk hero to take the stage with his band that night. The band opened with fan favorites, “Young Forever,” which got the crowd really excited and singing along right from the beginning. Their 7-song set was by no means rushed but it certainly passed by very quickly and that was probably because everyone was having so much during it.

As I said in the beginning the band has come a long way in the past year and in a good way. Jordan Witzigreuter‘s vocals were better then ever and the rest of the band sounded tighter as a whole which really contributed to their overall sound. The Ready Set have a new album coming out this year and I’m excited to see whether that on stage maturity transferred over to the studio. Regardless, the band has finally become a must see live band and they will be out on The Summerfest for the remainder of the month. Buy tickets, go to a show and just have fun because that is what The Ready Set are all about.

Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine‘s exclusive Ready Set photo gallery below, as well as our formal review of the performance at Sherman Theater too.  Also be sure to keep an eye for more exclusive coverage from Summerfest including exclusive galleries and reviews of T.Mills, Breathe Carolina and We The Kings!

Vocals : 10
Instrumentals : 10
Stage Presence : 8
Crowd Participation : 8
Visual Performance / Lighting : 6
Overall Rating : 9

Setlist :

Young Forever
Carry Me Home
More Than Alive
Freaking Me Out
Love Like Woe
Give Me Your Hand

Photo Gallery : 

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