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Coming off a busy summer on Warped Tour, New Beat Fund secured a slot opening for Blink-182 on their short tour leading up to Riot Fest 2013. Sight of Sound Magazine had the chance to chat with the band a bit before the show about how surreal of an experience it has been for them to be on the road with Blink, who are a band they have always idolized to some extent. We also talked about the band’s upcoming tours and some great stuff that they are getting involved with including their video being featured on MTV U. Be sure to check out the full interview above!

Following our interview the band headed back stage to ready for their performance at the Sands Event Center. The crowd was a little damp due to the downpour they experienced outside but they were ready for the night to begin and it was great to see how many people there were excited to catch New Beat Fund’s performance. First thing I have to see is that their lighting was simply amazing, I have never seen any opening band have such a visual spectacle before and it really shows in the photograph from their performance.

Though their set was a tad short due to the time constrains of being the first opener it was generally well received by the audience. A lot of them were even singing along to the last song the band played which was their upcoming hit “Scare Me.” The venue was nearly 3/4th full by the time they left the stage so it is safe to say that the band was able to introduce their music to a large amount of potential new fans. I think the whole venue would have been filled if it hadn’t been for the downpour slowing things down outside and at the points of entry.

I could tell from the interview that the band was really chill and that vibe translates perfectly into their live performance. If I had to compare it to something I would say that they are like Sublime meets Fall Out Boy in away, if that makes any sense at all. If you didn’t catch them this summer on Warped Tour you can still see them this fall when they open for 30H!3. New Beat Fund are bringing the “G-Punk” sound back and they are doing with a bit of style and a whole lot of talent. Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine’s exclusive photo gallery below :

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