Blink-182’s performance at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem was way over due. If you don’t know what I am talking about allow me to explain; back in 2012, Blink-182 was booked to be one of the first band’s to play in the newly constructed Event Center, however fate wouldn’t allow this performance to take place as scheduled. Travis Barker was in need of emergency tonsillectomy just a few days before the sold out show and it was cancelled with no plans of re-scheduling. Now it is time to fast forward to the August 2013, the band announced a small tour that would finally bring them to the Sands Event Center for a performance.

Just like the cancelled show, tickets sold out in a matter of days for the September 12th show and everyone in the Greater Lehigh Valley area was finally ready to see their pop-punk heroes take the stage at the Sands Event Center. The only question left to answer is, was it worth the wait? Yes, yes it was, 100% yes!

There is no denying that the band has aged but haven’t we all? Their music has stood the test of time and in response has been introduced a whole new generation of fans who have just discovered them in the past few years. The band got the night started with “Feeling This,”  and behind them was a light show that was so blinding you could hardly see the band at times. It didn’t take long for the crowd surfers to get going, the pits to open up, and crowd chanting to begin when Blink broke into “What’s My Age Again?” By the time I left the photo pit on the 3rd song you could already see that things were getting out of hand for security, so much so that Mark Hoppus had to stop the show at one point to make sure a girl in the front was alright after being crushed from the out of control crowd.

The three members of Blink-182 shared the spotlight equally and fed off each others energy the entire night which was good to see, I know in years past their was tension amongst them but it is clear that they are all well beyond this now. Actually, Tom Delonge was smiling almost all night and it was obvious that he was really enjoying the punk vibe the sold out Event Center was putting out that night. As for Travis Barker his drumming is still as loud and as fast as ever, it was a little hard to see him at times because he was moving around so spastically up there on his drum riser. Sure Blink-182 has been around since 1992 but that doesn’t mean their music isn’t relevant anymore, if anything it has become more relevant with age. Blink-182 is back and hopefully this will mean a new studio album in the new future. If you can get out to one of the few remaining shows on this tour and get your mosh on to some true punk music.

Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine’s exclusive photo gallery below, as well as our formal review of Blink-182’s performance.

Vocals : 8
Instrumentals : 10
Stage Presence : 10
Crowd Participation : 10
Visual Performance / Lighting : 10
Overall Rating : 9.5

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