The end of summer season at the Skyline Stage at The Mann meant the end of another summer spent traveling all across the state photographing, but more importantly it meant that the Rock Allegiance tour had finally arrived to Pennsylvania. This year’s tour line up featured Volbeat as the big name on the bill, with support from HIM and All The Remains. Australian rockers, Airborne, were also on for the majority of the tour but had to bow out about a week before the Philadelphia date due to an immediate issue involving the family member. The stage was set, the backdrop was up, and the crowd of 2000+ who had stuck it out the whole night were ready to go. Volbeat was about to rock Philadelphia.

After a melodic western intro, the Denmark rockers emerged on stage playing their guitars as loud as humanly possible for the intro of “Hallelujah Goat.” The Philadelphia crowd really has a special place in their hearts for Volbeat because it sounded like every single person in attendance was singing on the top of their lungs, even Michael Poulsen remembered how great the crowd was from the last time the band was here. He even made a comment about how much they loved Johnny Cash after the band played a little bit of Ring of Fire as an intro to their cover Sad Man’s Tongue. By the end of the band’s performance they had played through a total of 19 full songs and left the crowd at the Skyline Stage in a state of rock n’ roll awe.

The Rock Allegiance tour of 2013 featured one of the most bizarrely diverse line ups in recent history and people (myself included) were worried if it would work out in terms of a live performance. The verdict is in; not only did this crazy line up work, I think it was one of the best rock shows I have been too in the past 5 years. Volbeat, HIM, and All The Remains proved everyone wrong with their performances. Volbeat is welcome back to Pennsylvania anytime they want to come back for a performance, and I can guarantee Sight of Sound Magazine will be there for their triumphant return.

Below is our exclusive photo gallery from the Skyline Stage performance, Enjoy!

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