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To become a part of musical history is no small feat and Soul Asylum is band that have the honor of being forever etched into the alternative music legacy. With nearly three decades of performing and recording the band has left their mark on the genre and continue to perform to this date. Lead singer, David Pirner, remains the sole original member but the supporting band members aren’t short on talented. The band’s current touring drummer is Michael Bland, known for his work with the legendary Prince. With a line up this solid I knew their performance would be one to remember at the Sands Event Center last Friday.

The crowd had reached what looked like just shy of 2,000 people by the time the band came on at 8:45pm and just minutes into their set it became obvious that the majority of the people in attendance were there just for Soul Asylum. The band’s set showcased 18 songs that took fans from their most recent album all the way back to the very beginning of the band’s career. Some fans knew more songs than others and could be seen singing along with David Pirner through out the set, but everyone knew the words to the hits like “Misery” and the iconic “Runaway Train.”

Soul Asylum has the talent, the charisma, and the energy to keep doing this for the rest of their lives and still pack the venue like they did on Friday night. Michael Bland’s enthusiastic drumming was some of the best I have ever seen in this genre. All in all the performance was flawless on any way that it could be critiqued, the only short coming of the night was that Soul Asylum played before Fountains of Wayne. Why was that an issue? Well the crowd of 2,000 shrank to about 500 after Soul Asylum finished their set which was disappointing to see. Soul Asylum will be out on the road for a few weeks more on this co-headlining run with Fountains of Wayne, take the chance to get out to see these legends perform and be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery from the show below.


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