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Having seen All Time Low perform on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour I went into their performance on the House Party Tour thinking I knew what to expect, boy was I wrong. Since I have seen the band last it is fair to say that they matured for the better, both lyrically and on stage. This really shows in the music they have released in the past year like fan favorite “A Love Like War.” Having said this I think it is also fair game to point out how much more effort the band has put into their stage set up since I last caught them. Sure, Warped Tour has it’s limit but their stage rig for the House Party Tour is out of this world! Lights, a huge backdrop that says F*ck, more lights, and even more lights! Before the band even took the stage I knew that this performance had all the making it needed to be a real memorable one.

You can say what you like about the bands’ music, you can compare it other bands, you can do whatever makes you feel happiest honestly because I don’t think All Time Low really care about any negative opinion you might hold about them. When they take the stage they breathe such new life into their music that it becomes more of experience than it does a song. Their 9 song setlist took fans on a journey through new and old material that was complimented by a nearly blinding, colorful light show. Vocally, Alex Gaskarth, is on point. By no means was he bad when I saw them prior but last Saturday his vocals were so crisp and on key. If that doesn’t impress you than maybe Jack Barakat’s ability to be constantly airborne off pieces of the set while playing guitar will.

All Time Low have put the work in to become one of the biggest bands in alternative music and that work really shines when they perform. The fans sing along, the fans crowd surf just to get within inches of their musical heroes before security escorts them away, and things tend to get out of hand. If you were there then you know what I mean, for those who weren’t All Time Low was forced to leave the stage during their last song to a small brawl-turned riot that happened in the middle of the crowd. The details are scarce on what really happened but from the vantage point I had you could see numerous people pushing and go to the ground. I don’t mean just normal moshing, I mean a full out fist fight with the intent to hurt someone. By the time security and police got there blood had been drawn and people were kicked out. 10 minutes passed and All Time Low re-emerged to finish of their set without missing a beat. Sure is a bummer that their perfect set had to be tarnished by some immature fans though but that’s life!

All Time Low needs to come back to the Sands Event Center on a headline tour, they could honestly fill that 4,500 capacity venue with no issue. If you missed the House Party Tour keep an eye out for their return to the PA area and if you were there check out the exclusive photo gallery below and relive the night :

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