The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years came home last Saturday, well as close to home as the House Party Tour comes as lead singer, Dan Campbell, said himself early on in the set. The band took to the stage around 6:45pm and instantly brought the intensity to the sold out crowd at the Sands Event Center. You could tell the band was at home because the mosh pits were started by the second song of the set but enough about the crowd, let’s focus on the band’s performance a bit. Their set up was just a few feet back from the edge of stage due to all the other band’s rigs, this of course meant they were rather cramped but they somehow managed to avoid crashing into each other.

Around song 5 or 6, Dan Campbell took a moment to have share some really powerful words with the crowd that everyone should live with passion and “give all the fire you’ve got to everyone you love, and die empty.” He proceeded to give all of his fire to the remainder of the performance and the crowd was fueled by his raw and emotional performance. To say that crowd loved them is an understatement because the never-ending crowd-surfers and mosh pits showed how into the music they were. On the 11th and final song Campbell jumped into the front row to get even closer to the crowd-surfing ocean that The Wonder Years had transformed the Sands Event Center into.

Having seen the band this summer on the Van’s Warped Tour I can say that I was taken back by how they performed on The House Party Tour. I don’t know if it was the larger stage or even the larger crowd that gave them the intensity but I have never seen them play like they did that night. Was it perfect? No, but it shouldn’t be because no performance is ever perfect but The Wonder Years delivered in the most important way because they gained a whole new audience of fans in Bethlehem.

Be sure to check them out on the remainder of The House Party Tour opening for Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, and A Day to Remember and for all our PA readers don’t miss out on their special Acoustic Christmas Performance on 12/12 at the Note in West Chester. Enjoy our exclusive photo gallery from the Sands Event Center show below :

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