Five Finger Death Punch

To say that Five Finger Death Punch has a huge following in Pennsylvania would be a severe injustice to their fans. As some of you may know the band was just recently in the area this summer as part of Mayhem Festival 2013 with stops in Scranton and Camden. Now, just a few months later they returned to a sold out crowd at the Lancaster Convention Center. Just a bit of perspective for those who haven’t been to the venue and know how large it is, Stone Sour was there back in March and they didn’t even sell the place out so for Five Finger Death Punch to do so is a huge feet. After 3 opening bands, which the crowd seemed to enjoy for the most part, it was time for the main event and the crowd began to chant the band’s name louder and louder until the house lights went dark.

I had been warned by fellow photographers just moments before the band took the stage to watch out for flying water bottles and luckily I was warned because right when the lights came on lead singer, Ivan Moody, exploded a water bottle onto fans in the front row. The band opened with radio and fan favorite “Under and Over It,” which in my opinion was the best way to get the night starting because that song is about as high octane as it gets. This shoot will go down as one of the most unique I have had because I really felt like a part of the show for the first three songs. Ivan Moody was holding hands with some photographers, he pointed at me a few times as did some of the other members. Moody even took a moment to thank us for what we do after the third song and asked the crowd to part for us and to not give us any trouble as were trying to leave which I thought was very kind of him.

Back to the performance, Five Finger Death Punch ran threw a 15 setlist that felt a bit repetitive at times, but never to the point that it took away from the performance. The Lancaster Convention Center crowd loved the performance and you could see smiles on every face when the show ended. Oddly enough, there were a lot of younger faces in the crowd and when I say young I mean like ages 7-10. I actually don’t think I have ever seen that many young faces on shoulders upfront and on the barricade before at concert but it was great to see the next generation of metal fans enjoying themselves. That is what I called parenting, done right!

Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery of the band’s performance below and head over to iTunes to check out their full library of songs.

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