Filter is currently out on a headline tour titled the “Self Inflicted” tour in support of their new album release, “The Sun Comes Out Tonight.” The tour kicked off in their hometown of Los Angeles and has the band traveling across the country for this club setting tour. Out in support of them for this treck are fellow rockers Red, Otherwise and We as Human. Filter has been touring now for upwards of 6 months and just wrapped a highly successful tour with Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington. Prior to the show at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, I had the chance to sit down with Richard Patrick and Jonathan Radtke to talk about that tour, the current tour, and the new album. We also had a very lengthy and necessary discussion about the injustice that their drummer, Jeff Friedl, was subjected to by a sport bar in Denver. Check out the Sight of Sound Magazine exclusive interview below :

Following my awesome interview with the band we parted ways because I had to get downstairs to start photographing the evening. After a killer performance by both Otherwise and Red, it was finally time for Filter to take the stage just around 10pm. The Chameleon Club had an interesting dynamic that evening because the standing area in front of the stage was deemed 21+ only, this forced all the fans that were 18-20 upstairs to the 2nd and 3rd floor. You could see the younger fans packed up against the balcony railings, leaning forward to get as close as they could for when the band walked out. The smoke was thick and the lights were blinding but none of that mattered when the band came out rocking to “Welcome to the Fold.” They sounded so tight during this first song that they put the opening bands to shame with their level of quality on stage.

By the third song “What Do You Say,” the crowd was enjoying themselves thoroughly and they even had a good laugh with Richard Patrick who accidentally called the crowd “Lexington” instead of “Lancaster.” An honest mistake and close spelling was humorous but turned out to be the tour manager’s fault as Patrick explained before he drank down a Monster like it was a bottle of water. From here out it was smooth sailing for the band. New addition to the band on bass, Tim Kelleher, did such a phenomenal job with his parts that is seemed as if he had been a member of Filter for years. Jeff Friedl was on point back on the drum kit as well though it was very hard for anyone on the ground level to see him because of the massive amounts of fog/smoke. It was incredible to see all the younger fans upstairs in the Chameleon Club singing along just as loud, if not louder, than those on the floor.

In typical Filter fashion, Richard Patrick ended up crowd surfing before the end of the set and you know that every fan enjoyed that because smiles were seen across the venue. Though the band’s setlist was only about 12 songs it felt so much longer because their songs are upwards of five minutes, if not longer, at times. During my interview, Richard Patrick had teased that he thought people would dig their stage show that evening and I couldn’t agree more with that. The dramatic lighting mixed with the smoke/fog and the band’s all around tight sound on stage made for a performance that was worthy of an arena tour and not the club stage that it was on. Filter has made a triumphant return to rock and they have raised the bar in the process. Bands out there that are looking to make it should take some notes from these guys because Filter have it together on every possible level.

Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine’s exclusive photo gallery of images that I captured from the Chameleon Club show below and more importantly make sure that you support this band. Get out to a show on the “Self Inflicted” tour, buy the album, buy a t-shirt, donate, do whatever you want but give Filter some love because they deserve it.

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