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David Cook

The Musikfest Cafe in Bethlehem is known for it’s wide variety of musical performance it hosts, as well as it’s uncanny ability to pull in huge names for extremely intimate performance. Last November they brought us an amazing acoustic performance from Hinder and just this past Thursday they did it again with a performance by David Cook. For those who don’t know here is a little information about David Cook, he won Season 7 of American Idol and quickly soared to the top of the radio charts scoring multiple high ranking singles and selling millions of albums in the process. However, soon after this success David Cook went into a hiatus of sorts but he is back now with stronger material than ever before, a new record company behind him and an album that he promises will be coming “very soon.” David and I got to chat before the show for an exclusive interview and we really focused all of our time together about his return to touring. Be sure to watch the full interview for details about a few new songs, stories from the road and more :

After our interview David and I parted ways because it was time for him to go spend some time with his fans for a VIP Meet and Greet. His fans are something that I think every artist should be envious of because they are extremely loyal to him and it shows. How does it show you ask? Well he’s just about sold out the majority of shows on this tour and he hasn’t released an album in nearly 2 years, a pretty hard feat in the music industry right now. It’s great to see that he cares about his fans as much as they care about him but we will touch back on this later on.

Doors opened at 7pm for the show and fans began spilling into the venue to grab a spot close to the stage, though most people paid for a seat rather than a standing room ticket. By the time David Cook was set to come on at 9pm the venue had filled to near capacity with what appeared to be every seat full and a decently large crowd standing directly in front of the stage waiting for his arrival. Across the venue you could see fans scouting for vantage points to set up a uStream for fans that couldn’t make it to the show, apparently this is a pretty common thing at David Cook shows though I have never seen this at any concert before in my life but it certainly was interesting. When David Cook walked on the stage with his supporting band he did so to cell phones in the air, an alarming amount of camera flashes and an even more alarming round of applause the likes of which Musikfest Cafe rarely hears.

Fans knew coming into the show that there was going to be a lot of new material that they have never heard before played but this in no way hindered their experience that night. The setlist was a mixture full of the new material, a few amazing covers and of course all of David Cook’s radio hits like “Light On.” It is now time to return to how awesome David Cook’s fan’s are and how even more awesome he is to them. Those who were there now just how interactive the show was and I am going to do my best to describe for those who couldn’t join us that evening. By the 2nd song fans were handing signs to him and he was taking the time to read them and have a little banter with the crowd. This continued the whole night with fans having almost conversations in a way during the performance and a fan’s mom even got a surprise phone from David Cook. Oh, there was a happy birthday sung out for a fan who just turned 21 that night as well!

All in all I don’t think there was a person in that venue who wasn’t smiling from start to finish. In terms of the music I have to admit that I thought the new material was the most interesting part of the set and allow me to defend this statement before you jump to conclusions. Sure, David Cook’s hits are amazing songs and deserve all the attention they have but the new songs seem so much more artisticly free and real. It’s almost like he has finally become the musician that he wanted to be from the beginning and was now able to with a label that supports his creativity behind him. I’m excited to hear how these songs sound on his new album.

David Cook’s performance ranks amongst the top performances ever to take place at the Musikfest Cafe in Bethlehem for a multitude of reasons beginning with just the sheer talent and enjoyment of the entire night. There is also the fact that the place was packed with more people then I have personally ever seen it before! We can’t wait for David Cook to return once the new album has been released and we want to thank him for bringing an incredible night of music to the area. Be sure to watch our exclusive interview with him above if you haven’t already and enjoy our photo gallery from the show below. Thanks for stopping by Sight of Sound Magazine and reading our review!

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  1. You get it! Thank you for the awesome understanding of David Cook. Just so you know – most of David’s show are ustreamed for those around the country that can’t be there. I don’t know that that would benefit every artist but being a David Cook fan we all want to be at every show and it just builds excitement for the show near home or looking at the map to see which additional shows they can figure out a way to get to. You see he’s like Pringles – 1 is just not enough ( my husband doesn’t understand that). Every show is so much fun and unique (there are playlists of the banter because it’s just so priceless)we don’t want to miss anything. David has a very close to connection to his fans – we love and appreciate his talent, humor and heart! He knows how to show us love back – he will take time with each and every one of us and he knows which songs simply take our breath away #Dave-trance (it is real). 3+ weeks til my next David Cook concert and I can’t wait. FYI there are so many songs that are more him and should have been singles …heard by all. We have a special secret and it’s David Cook!

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