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Tonight Alive has returned to the states for their first ever US headlining tour run in support of their new release “The Other Side.” The band has spent the majority of 2013 touring including a run with You Me at Six that they just concluded prior to their headlining tour and of course they spent the entire summer on the Vans Warped Tour. Tonight Alive is set to return home to Australia following this run to close out 2013 with performances on Australia’s Vans Warped Tour.

Their headlining tour, aptly named the Other Side Tour, kicked off a few weeks in Baltimore and featured support from Echosmith, For the Foxes, and The Downtown Fiction. On October 31st the band found themselves at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster,PA and Sight of Sound Magazine was there as well to capture all of the Halloween fun.

Sadly, as Tonight Alive explained during their set, they didn’t dress up for the evening in costumes because they don’t really do Halloween in Australia but it didn’t matter because the band didn’t need any costumes to have an awesome performance. Tonight Alive hit the stage around 9pm to a decently packed standing room area that was full of all sorts of costumes including face paint, a basketball player, and a few dozen zombies. As the lights flashed multiple shades of blue and green the opening chords to “The Ocean,” blared through the sound system in the venue and the crowd went insane. Jenna McDougall is a great front woman because she makes sure to give every fan attention, and not just the ones up front. She tries to include every member of the audience in the performance and she does a great job in doing so.

By the third song, “Revenge & Its Thrills,” you could see the sweat pouring off everyone, both the band and the crowd, and you could tell that it was going to be amazing Halloween evening in Lancaster. The band’s set took the fans through numerous ups and downs in sort of an emotional roller coaster that kept the performance from ever getting to repetitive.  Of course, one of the most heartfelt moments of the night came during the band’s song, “Amelia,” which really seemed to strike home for some fans because you could start to see their eyes water by the last chorus. I give Tonight Alive credit for not over packing the setlist with new material as a lot of bands tend to do when a new album comes out. They only played some of the stronger tracks from “The Other Side,” like “Lonely Girl” and “Don’t Wish,” and left the remainder of the setlist to old favorites like “Starlight.”

As the night came to an end you could see that everyone in the crowd was satisfied with their decision to spend Halloween with their favorite band and I agree with their thoughts on that. Tonight Alive are set to become one of the biggest band’s around. they have the material, they have the live performance talent, and they have an incredible fanbase. All they need to do is get a few more headlining tours under their belts and they will be playing an arena show on Halloween instead of a club show soon enough.

Go pick up the band’s new record, “The Other Side,” on Amazon and iTunes today if you haven’t already and try to get out to a show on this tour if you can. Below is our exclusive photo gallery of the band’s performance in Lancaster for you to check out. The show was a little bit dark but it didn’t prevent us from providing you with a quality gallery :

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