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Asking Alexandria exploded into the metal genre just a few years ago and since then they have been climbing up the ladder to the peak of metal. The first time I saw the band was on the 2012 Mayhem Festival where they were the first band playing on the Main Stage each day. Since then they have done numerous headlining tours, festivals, radio shows, and a few opening slots with acts like Korn. Now the band is out on the road in support of their new album, “From Death to Destiny”, on headlining tour that has taken them across the country and included a few festivals along the way.

Last Saturday, Asking Alexandria returned to Lancaster to headline the 2nd annual Reckless Fest. The crowd varied in size through out the day with some of the biggest crowds being there for Attila and Sevendust, but sure enough the venue was packed to the brim by the time Asking Alexandria came on and you could sense the excitement in the air. The band was just in Pennsylvania a few weeks prior during their run with Korn but that didn’t keep them from drawing a large crowd once more. After a lengthy intro that included “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue, the lighting flashed to life and Asking Alexandria emerged on stage to a flash of color and endless strobes. The first song of the night was “Don’t Pray for Me,” which also happens to be the first song on the new album. Without skipping a beat the band launched right into “Run Free” and crowd surfers began coming over the barricade in large quantities.

Each song in the band’s setlist was perfectly complimented by their lighting rig. I mean their lights were honestly out of this world, I have never seen so many colors blend together in a way that fit with the music before in my entire life so a big shout to Asking Alexandria’s lighting tech for that. The band ran through a setlist that was 15 songs long and showcased all of their material but of course contained a lot of tracks from the new album too. The shining highlight for me was “Reckless & Relentless,” that song just makes me want to jump in the mosh pit myself and go at it. Fans were treated to a great performance by the band last Saturday, I have never heard Danny Worsnop in such great form out of all the times I have seen the band before. His vocals were actually better than the studio versions which was a real surprising treat, he really breathed new life into some of the songs. As usual the rest of the band was incredible too, Ben Bruce has to be one of the best guitarists in metal right now. Why? Have you ever seen the dude? He can shred like no other and has a blast doing it too.

Asking Alexandria ended Reckless Fest 2 in perfect fashion and their fans went home exhausted from a long day but satisfied with the performance. Hopefully they will be back next year around this time for Reckless Fest 3 and if not I’m sure they will be in Pennsylvania soon so be sure to get out a show if you were at the Lancaster one. Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery from the show below :

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