Last Tuesday Korn made their triumphant return to the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem on the final of evening of the “Night of the Living Dreads” tour with Rob Zombie. The band played to a decent sized crowd back in May, shortly after re-uniting with Brian Head Welch and announcing that they would be releasing a new album late this year. Now their album, “The Paradigm Shift,” has been out since October and from that album the band has had their most successful single in a long time, “Never Never.” With all this new material and new found success for Korn it was no surprise to see that the Sands Event Center sold out their capacity for the final night of this tour.

Historically, Korn has always been a great live band with over the top production and this show was no different. The band’s stage set up was massive, and by massive I mean it filled the entirety of the stage and then some. Unlike their previous show which filled the stage with LED screens, this tour had a massive backdrop themed with artwork from the new album and enough lights to illuminate an entire city block if they had to. In typical Korn fashion as the lights went dark a member of the band’s stage crew came out and removed the cloth that had been hiding Jonathan Davis’s custom mic stand from the crowd during soundcheck. No sooner did he step off the stage with the towel the opening sounds of “Blind” starting playing through the venue with Head and Munky walking out on stage followed by Jonathan Davis who came running out just in time to scream “AREEE YOUUU REEEEADDDY?”

The band’s 14 song setlist took fans from the beginning of the band’s career right up to “The Paradigm Shift.” Granted they did play quite a few tracks of the new album but that is to be expected because they are out in support of the album right now and the songs really were great to here live. Still the highlight of their performance was the “Shoots and Ladders / Somebody Someone” mash up song, it is a long time fan favorite and hearing Jonathan Davis rip on the bag pipes live is one of the most amazing things to experience at a concert.

Just a small side note, Fieldy was missing from the Sands Event Center show and from what I have heard from other people he was missing from the Starland Ballroom show the following night as well. Michael Valentine from Love and Death filled in on bass at the Sands show and he did a phenomenal job at doing so, props to him for learning the setlist and being able to play it so tightly on such short notice.

Korn’s return to Bethlehem outshined their show back in May and it was great to see such a large majority of the crowd wearing Korn shirts that evening. Their fans ranged from young to old and everyone had a good time from the front of the venue all the way to the balconies in the back. Jonathan Davis has never sounded better on vocals and the rest of the band sounded just as good on their respective parts as well. If you missed this show and the one and May you are going to have to wait a while until they return to the area but when that next tour announcement gets made you had better purchase tickets fast because they are sure to sell out. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive photo gallery below :

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