Nearing the end of their fall North American Tour, Slayer returned to the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ on November 29th, 2013 “Black Friday” for the highly anticipated “Old School Slayer” night. After supporting acts 4ARM and Gojira got the crowd warmed up it was finally time for Slayer to hit the stage. As guitar screeches filled the arena the large white curtain which was previously preventing visibility to the stage dropped to reveal the band emerging from a cloud of smoke and flashing white lights for the opening of “Hell Awaits”. Slayer did not let off the gas as they quickly tore into “The Antichrist” which kept the blood flowing in the already energetic crowd setting the tone for the entire evening. The band rarely took any breaks during the set and continued to deliver a performance that was definitely one for the ages. Below is the setlist from the evening as well as an exclusive gallery brought to you by Sight Of Sound staff photographer, Jamie Heim.

  1. (Exodus cover)
  2.  Encore:

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