Sight of Sound Magazine ended November covering some of the biggest names of metal which included Korn, Rob Zombie, Slayer and on November 30th, the legendary Megadeth! The band performed at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem and were the last rock/metal show the venue has booked for the remainder of 2013. This being said 2013 was a great year for the venue for these genres and the bar was set high for Megadeth’s performance that evening. The band is currently out on the road with support from Fear Factory and Nonpoint for this tour, Nonpoint played at the Sands earlier this year with Hinder.

At 10:10 promptly the band walked out on stage to begin a blistering setlist with “Hangar 18.” This song would set the mood for the entire night because the songs that fans were hearing were not the typical radio or studio versions. These songs were heavy metal masterpieces that were infused with solos from every band member that transformed already great songs into a whole new beast. Instrumentally, the band proved to me why they are a part of the so-called “Big 4” of metal and they also proved why the venue was so full that evening. You know why? They really kick some major @$$. Sure, they are old but that doesn’t make a difference in the show at all. In fact I would have to guess that they are a better that has gotten better as they aged.

The setlist may not have been a Megadeth’s fan dream list but it was a good mixture of songs that last well past 11:20 that evening. The band’s stage production was really fantastic to witness though. Having seen band’s like Slayer use dramatic color lighting I had expected the same from Megadeth but instead they opted for a much more modern style with massive LED screens and spectacular amounts of color throughout the evening. A major shout out goes to their lighting tech because he truly has a great style developed for the band’s stage show because each song was lit perfectly.

Megadeth are at the top of their game and this tour proves that. Hopefully we will hear some new material from them in the near future and be treated to another tour soon their after. Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery from the performance below :

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