Defeater wrapped up their tour with August Burns Red yesterday with a performance that was part of the annual August Burns Red Holiday Show, hosted by CI Records. The show was the meeting of two tours more or less and it took place in Lancaster at the Freedom Hall Convention Center. Defeater was scheduled to play late in the show following performance from letlive. , Code Orange Kids, and One Year Later. By this time the unique venue had begun to fill to the brim as dozens of fans came out for this hometown August Burns Red show. Defeater have been on tour for a vast majority of 2013, as I said finishing up this tour with August Burns Red and coming off a successful summer on the Vans Warped Tour. The reason I mention this is because there were a lot of people there to see them yesterday, true fans wearing the band’s shirt and lining up at their merch table from the instant the doors opened.

Defeater have managed to carve themselves a very good reputation as a live band in a very short amount of time. The band’s third album, “Letters Home,” came out this summer while they were out on Warped, and has been a critical success for them thus far. I for one like to let the fans speak for themselves when it comes to how well an album did and the general opinion from everyone I talked to was that it was one of the albums of the year. I sadly missed seeing the band on Warped tour so I, like so many others, was anxious to see exactly what they had in store for the Lancaster crowd.

The band hit the stage very promptly at 7:25pm and they instantly had crowd surfers coming over the barricade trying to get high fives from them all. I want to give a big shout out to the security up there in that pit because not only did they keep me safe shooting but they didn’t let a single fan hit the floor during Defeater’s set. The band lives up to their hardcore reputation and puts on one hell of a good time for fans of the genre. It seemed like they had just got into a good groove of things when all of a sudden their performance came to an end because of time constraints on the evening, an issue that plagued every band that evening.

Defeater have a great amount of energy and any time a band member jumps off stage into the crowd, especially with a guitar, I have to give them major props. My words of advice for 2014? Keep an eye out for when this band comes to your town because I have a feeling they are going to be headlining their own major tour soon and most definitely headlining on the Vans Warped Tour in no time at all. Defeater made a fan out of me last night and I look forward to seeing them come back through Pennsylvania in the future. Be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery from the show :

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