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After a successful tour in the fall of 2012, In This Moment have decided to extent their HellPop tour into a 2nd leg which made a local stop at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. This time around the band brought out Butcher Babies and Devour The Day for supporting acts and All Hail the Yeti re-joined the tour as well from the first run. Butcher Babies and Devour The Day replaced both Motionless in White and Kyng on this tour but were just as perfect of a fit as the other two were. Unfortunately Sight of Sound Magazine missed out on All Hail the Yeti this time around due to a long and slow line entering the venue and the first band we saw take to the the Trocadero stage was Devour The Day.

Last time we saw Devour The Day they were opening for Sevendust and I recall saying that I thought the band had a lot of potential to grow. Well, since July the band has gone through a transformation like no other. They killed it, and I mean when I say that I was pleasantly shocked with how much tighter they sound on stage. Not to mention the fact that they were filled with life up their despite the fact that not everyone in the venue knew who they were. I saw a decent amount of people head out to their merch area after the set and I bet dozens more went home and checked out their album on iTunes. As predicted though they had everyone singing along on their last song “Good Man.” The song gets a lot of air time on Sirius XM and it deserves it. Devour The Day have grown so much in a short time that I am also frightened to see where they will be in then next few months, I’d say expect to see them headlining a tour by the end of 2014.

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Next to hit the stage were the Butcher Babies. I heard a lot of great things about the band during their run on this past summer’s Mayhem Festival so I had fairly high expectations going in and I have to say that I was impressed for the second time that night. The band was a lot heavier than Devour The Day but that was exactly what the crowd seemed to be looking for because by the end of the set Heidi and Carla had the crowd morphed into a giant pushing circling pit the likes of which I haven’t seen for a long time at a metal show. The band may get a reputation as being a gimmick by some people but I am hear to reassure you that these girls and guys are the real heavy metal deal. Just because they are fronted by two of the hottest chicks in metal (as voted by Revolver Magazine) doesn’t mean that they can’t thrash when they are on stage. The Trocadero did them no favors though because the audio wasn’t consistent during the set but I know that was mostly the old venues fault and not theirs, I’ve actually never seen a show at this venue when the audio wasn’t an issue. 

Butcher Babies were responsible for at least half the crowd in the venue that night and that is a pretty impressive feat I must say. The band is heading over to Europe for a tour following HellPop but you can expect to be seeing them back in the States by the end of the year for another headlining tour. Check out our exclusive photo gallery of the set below :

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It took nearly 50 minutes from the end of the Butcher Babies set to the beginning of the In This Moment set. Now to be fair, part of this time was planned because of the band’s very elaborate stage set up for the HellPop tour but the other part was more issues with the venue and the speakers. It really is a shame to see this venue falling into such a state but they really need to invest in getting some repairs because it has started to become an issue for every band that plays there. When In This Moment finally did hit the stage though they were greeted to a heavy metal scream by the entire audience who waited patiently for so long to see their favorite band.

The setlist hasn’t changed that much from the first leg of the HellPop tour and it has become pretty standard for In This Moment fans to expect a certain amount of new and old songs live. However, the band’s showmanship only gets better each time I have the pleasure to photograph them. Maria Brink commands the crowd through their set with everything from Co2 rifles, batons, chairs, so much stuff I can’t even begin to list it all out for you. I really have to commend her too on how quickly she pulls of her costume changes, I know some fans like to complain about this but honestly I think if you added up all the time that it takes for these you wouldn’t even get to a minute and a half, not even a full songs worth of time spent changing! They have to have this process down to a science by now.

As always the guys of the band were on point too. Randy Weitzel, Chris Howorth, Travis Johnson, and Tom Hane are the back forcing force of the band in my opinion. Maria Brink is with out a doubt one of the best front-woman in heavy metal but she owes it to the guys because without their talent behind her she wouldn’t be where she is today.

The show progressed nicely and is paced perfectly, slowing down for a vocal solo from Maria and speeding right back up for an amazing cover of Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Honestly, In This Moment are one of the few bands that I can see time and time again and always feel like I saw something new in the performance. Routines are always being changed, effects are being added and songs are being moved around. They really now how to keep the flow of a show going.

The HellPop 2 tour runs a while longer and tickets are available for a good amount of dates so don’t miss out on this show and be sure to check out our exclusive photo gallery below.

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