Falling in Reverse at the Electric Factory

A feud that last years, a tour that no one ever thought would happen; Yes that’s right I am talking about the Bury The Hatchet Tour featuring the two of the scene’s most notorious bands. Falling in Reverse and Escape the Fate announced this tour at the end of 2013 and they shocked the music community that they had put their problems behind them to embark on this historic tour. Tickets went on sale shortly after the announcement and surprisingly enough they didn’t sell out right away. What happened? Did the fans not care? As if that was the answer, though it didn’t happen the day they went on sale by the time the band’s hit the road numerous dates were sold out including the show that took place this past weekend at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

By the time Falling in Reverse hit the stage the packed house had sung their hearts out with Survive This, Chelsea Grin, and Escape The Fate but that didn’t stop a single person from giving everything they had when the band came out. Their set started with a comical but well produced rendition of the Full House theme song which featured the band doing very comical and sinister things with Ronnie Radke coming to their rescue though out. Ronnie’s dog Charlie even made a cameo appearance in the video! Suddenly, an LED screen flicked to life on the stage and the band’s iconic tongue logo flash to life and Ryan Seaman climbed up to his drumming perch that was centered high above the stage.

The crowd was already screaming with anticipation during the video but they only got louder when Jacky Vincent, Ron Ficarro, and Derek Jones ran out because they knew only one person was left to get this show start. Yes that’s right, Ronnie Radke. The night started with him catching a glow stick out of mid air tossing it down to his side and just saying “sup?!” before belting out the opening lyrics of “Rolling Stone” off the band’s summer release “Fashionably Late.” I was happy to see the band start with this song and judging by how the audience reacted they were too. Midway through the song came the real moment of truth though, could Ronnie Radke rap live like he does on the studio version? Turns out he can, actually very well. Ronnie Radke has added a whole new layer of diversity to his vocal library with some of the tracks on this new album. He and the rest of the band took a big chance by incorporating these styles into a scene that has a tendency to be close minded to drastic change but it payed off greatly for them. Actually the rap parts were some of my favorite parts of the evening, especially their now infamous song “Alone.”


Anyone who says this band doesn’t have fans clearly has no clue because I witnessed 2,500 people singing the lyrics to “Alone” on the top of their lungs which I can imagine will drive all the close minded journalists up the wall. But it wasn’t just this song, it was EVERY song the band played. Yes that is right, “Fashionably Late,” “Born to Lead,” “Goodbye Graceful,” “Bad Girls Club,” and so on; every song was sung along by the crowd so loudly that it became deafening at times.

Ronnie Radke is with out a doubt one of the best frontman in the rock/metal genre today; he has charisma, talent, a following and the most important thing of all, super talented musicians at his side. Jacky Vincent was just a guitarist from London before Falling in Reverse but he has transformed into a fantastic performer since the band’s last tour. Ron Ficarro has gained the chance to shine too on this last album too and you can hear his influence on every song through his ripping bass track and well timed back up vocals.

The set was capped off with the moment that every single person in the venue had been waiting years for, Ronnie Radke re-uniting with Max Green and Robert Ortiz of Escape the Fate to sing two songs and finally Bury the Hatchet. This moment became even sweeter when Craig Mabbitt joined the mix and traded off vocals during the performance. At the end of the night history was made and this once in a life time tour left an amazing imprint on Philadelphia that won’t be soon forgotten. Falling in Reverse will be spending the entire summer on the Vans Warped Tour so if you for some reason missed this show you can be sure to catch them then. Our exclusive photo gallery of the performance can be seen below :

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