Lacuna Coil at the Chameleon Club

On Thursday this past week, Lacuna Coil once again hit the stage at the Chameleon Club but this time was so much different than times prior. For starters the band is currently out on the Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock tour with Sick Puppies, Eyes to Kill and Cilver. More importantly, they have a new album titled Broken Crown Halo coming out on April 1st here in the States and this tour is the first chance that fans are getting to hear these new songs live.


Before the show Sight of Sound Magazine sat down with vocalist, Andrea Ferro, to discuss all things ranging from the recording of the new album, this tour, and upcoming tour plans for the United States. Be sure to hit the link here to check out that interview now!

After a brief set change following Eyes Set to Kill, the crowd was getting anxious with anticipation for Lacuna Coil to hit the stage at 8:20pm. Luckily for them there was no delays and the band actually hit the stage a minute early busting out into the opening riffs of Trip the Darkness.  Andrea had confirmed during our interview that the band would be playing both new songs, Die & Rise and Nothing Stands in Our Way, but they came much later in the bands set after the crowd had already been warmed up with some familiar songs off the previous albums.

Crowd interaction between the band and the packed Chameleon Club was constant; they even took the time to give all of the people upstairs in the under 21 section a big shout out and some attention too. For those who aren’t familiar with the venue it is a very odd set up that splits over 21 and under 21 fans into different sections, I was worried prior to the show that splitting of the age gap would create a seemingly small presence on the floor but it was packed with most of the fans in attendance ranging from 21-28 years of age. This didn’t stop them from moshing just like an 18 year would have down there because there were plenty of thrilled fans who enjoyed the band’s 45 minute set.


Technically and musically there was nothing flawed about the performance, the mix was spot on as well so props to their audio crew too. The two new songs actually turned out to be some of the biggest highlights of their performance because everyone in the crowd knew them from hearing them on the radio so often lately. I have high hopes for this band in 2014, judging by the crowd in attendance who came to see them and the upcoming success of the new album I think they might be entering a new chapter of success. Their headlining tour is going to be announced very soon and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit some bigger venues because they are ready to take that next step.

Cristina Scabbia is certainly one of the most talented female vocalists in metal today and her voice is complimented perfectly by Andrea Ferro who trades off vocals with her seamlessly during the performance. Lacuna Coil is a perfect fit for the diverse Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour and I can’t wait to catch them when they return after the release of their new album.

Be sure to check out our interview with Andrea Ferro if you missed the link earlier and check out our exclusive photo gallery of the performance below :

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