The Nearly Deads

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee ; The Nearly Deads have made a lot of noise in just a few short years. For example, their video for the song “Never Look Back” pulled over 6 million views on Youtube alone! That is no short feat for a band to accomplish, let a lone a band this early in their career. The band is currently out on the road for a short trek with It Lives, It Breathes and are hoping to drum up some more support and fans to get them on Warped Tour 2014.

Before their show at Planet Trog in Whitehall, PA Sight of Sound chatted with lead singer Theresa Jeane or TJ about this current tour, their upcoming full length album (due out in 2014 sometime), and a few hilarious tour stories that you won’t believe if you don’t watch the full video.

As TJ said in the interview, The Nearly Deads did a short run on Warped in 2012 but this year they are trying to get on for the full length of the tour through the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. This is the exactly the sort of opportunity this band needs right now. Click here vote for them :

After our interview we sat through a few local openers who had a lot of heart and did our scene justice with their performances. At long last though it was time for The Nearly Deads to hit the stage and they wasted no time doing so. A quick soundcheck and things were off to a start. They played their typical well known hits for the fans like “Never Look Back” and “Brave,” but they also tested out a few new songs that really showcase how they have matured as a band since the other songs were released.

I have high hopes for The Nearly Deads, they have the talent, their fanbase is growing and what matters most is that they are passionate about what they are doing. The music scene is over saturated with bands trying to make it today and it takes something special to stick out but they have it, now only time will tell if other people start to see that like I did at Planet Trog that night.

Be sure to check out Sight of Sound’s exclusive gallery from the show from Matt Christine Photography :

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