We Are The In Crowd bring out all the Weird Kids in Lancaster.

This past Sunday We Are the In Crowd made their return to the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, this time on a headlining tour at long last. The last time the band was in the house for a show was back almost three years when they opened for Forever The Sickest Kids; now they are back and quite honestly better than ever. Their new album Weird Kids is being regarded far and wide as one of the best albums to come out of 2014, which is a pretty bold claim considering the amount of great music releases we have had this year! For those readers who might not be familiar with the band allow me to introduce you to their music below before we dive into this discussion about their current tour, which has been dubbed the Reunion Tour.

The song was the second single to come off Weird Kids and was also the first song that they played at the Chameleon Club. Being that it was a Sunday night the venue had to follow a stricter curfew which meant everything was going to start pretty early in the evening. By the time We Are The In Crowd came on just past 9:00 the floor of the Chameleon Club was pretty fairly packed and the upstairs over 21 section had a nice turn out of people looking down on the show from their vantage point. As I said they kicked things off with “The Best Thing” but not before making a dramatic entrance on stage to a blinding display of strobes, fog, and purple lighting. Lots and lots of purple, that was the theme of the night for the set. Well maybe not just purple that is exaggeration but these guys and girl like to be color washed as they performed.

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Honestly, I’m not usually into this type of visual treatment for a performance but they really made me re-consider that notion because the lights they brought with them added a lot of effect to the songs and made up for the often blinding LED’s that the Chameleon Club has for house lights. More importantly than their stage set up or color was their performance. Sadly it was kept short because of the venue curfew but the band still managed to run through a 14 song setlist before their time was up.

Some notable moments included the endless crowd surfing of course, a young guy standing on his friends shoulders singing to Tay during the middle of the set, and my favorite was when all the lighters/phones came out for “Windows in Heaven.” Heartfelt, slower songs often a great change of pace for shows like this and I think everyone needed a second to catch their breathe and enjoy that song. The fog of the venue made for a truly beautiful moment as everyone who possible could sang along as they swung back and forth with their various lit objects on the air. Taylor Jardine was on point vocally for the entirety of the set, even when she was jumping around and hanging off the stage towards fans in the front row. She never notiacable missed a note in the songs and if she was off it was only ever slightly so it wasn’t even noticeable.

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The rest of the band was just as tight as Taylor was that evening, most notably being Jordan Eckes. Jordan and Taylor have a great stage chemistry together and it really shines on the songs where they share lyrics. I’d almost like to hear them do more of a split vocal treatment on some songs but that is just a random thoughts. I want to give credit to the rest of the band too though because it wasn’t all about Taylor and Jordan that night! Mike Ferri and Cameron Hurley spent the majority of the night running from side to side on the Chameleon Club’s tiny stage and somehow avoided bumping into each other all. Quite the miracle if you know how small that stage is. Rob Chianelli sounded great on the drums but we couldn’t really see him due to the light placement and the dense fog at the back of the stage.

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All in all, We Are The In Crowd’s Reunion Tour was a huge success for the Lancaster music community. The performance was great, the turn out was great and most importantly in my opinion was the fact that everyone in that cramped venue was having a blast. There was moshing, there was surfing and every single person was singing along with a smile on their face. That is what a true performance is about, We Are The In Crowd doesn’t need a review of their performance because their fans already know how awesome they are live, all they need know is some more exposure to get people to pick up their new album and see just what they’ve been missing out on. Hopefully in 3 more years they be headlining a mid-size arena like the Sands or bigger, the sky is the limit honestly and We Are The In Crowd are just getting started.

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