State Champs at the Chameleon.

This past Sunday State Champs brought it all on stage when they opened for We Are The In Crowd on the reunion tour.  They were only the second band to play that night but they had such a large turn out of fans to sing along with them as they shook the Chameleon Club walls with their pop punk sound.

I think it only took about half a song for the crowd surfers to start coming over the barricade and for security to start losing their minds. If I didn’t know there were more bands about to play that night I would have guessed by the crowd reaction that State Champs were the headlining act because the place was going insane. Mosh pits on every song, amazing crowd interaction from both the fans and the band and most importantly a technically tight set.

My recommendation? Check out State Champs, they are somewhat local to Pennsylvania and will be on Warped Tour this year, they could very well be the next face of pop punk music for America.

Exclusive Gallery from Matt Christine Photography :

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