Black Label Society Shows Silver Spring What Golden Gods Really Look Like

The 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Tour is currently making its way around the US with a lineup full of rock and roll legends. This year’s incarnation featured support from Butcher Babies, Devil You Know (with Howard Jones, ex-Killswitch Engage), Down (Phil Anselmo of Pantera), and Black Label Society headlining.

The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD was packed with metal heads of all ages, with many parents towing kids along with them. The sexy female-fronted Butcher Babies turned more than a few heads as the opening act, catching the eye of more than a few men that swarmed their merch table after their set.


Devil You Know and Down both put on solid performances, filled with headbanging and guitar solos. For two metal supergroups, it was easy to tel that many fans in the crowd were there because they were fans of past projects, yet they seemed to be enjoying the new music just fine.

At 10:00, it was time for the headlining act, Black Label Society, to take the stage. They assembled a massive stage setup behind a giant curtain emblazoned with the band’s logo. At exactly 10:00, the curtain dropped to reveal a wall of Marshall amps, fog machines, strobe lights, and a skull-covered microphone for legendary front man, Zakk Wylde.

The band kicked off their 15 song set with “My Dying Time” and hit it hard for the next hour and a half. The band members didn’t move around the stage too much, but made up for it with plenty of head banging and hair thrashing. Of course, one doesn’t go to a Black Label Society show to see a band jumping around the stage like a punk band from the 80’s. BLS did what they are known for best, and put on a show that was precise in its execution, with absolute mastery of their instruments. Twice in their set Wylde took time for absolutely massive instrumental solos, first on guitar, and later on piano. Throughout their set they played a good mix of both old and new songs, closing it out with three massive hits, “Suicide Messiah,” “Concrete Jungle,” and “Stillborn.”


More than anything else, it’s clear that no matter how long BLS tours, they go as hard as ever. The Golden Gods tour was an excellent example of how their music has transcended generations and can be appreciated by metal heads both young and old. Their sound is classic and can be appreciated by many.


Check out our exclusive gallery of shots from the show by Alex Messick



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