Max Green (former Escape the Fate bassist) joins Falling in Reverse.

According to AltPress Max Green has officially joined Falling in Reverse following his departure from Escape the Fate and will once again be playing along side Ronnie Radke on stage.Fans of the band will know that the bass position has been held for a long time by Ron Ficarro but it would appear that he has parted ways with the band and Max Green has stepped in to fill the newly opened spot. This quote was provided by AltPress from Ronnie Radke on the departure of Ficarro :

“Ron was probably the best bass player I’ve ever played with, but at this moment in time I feel it is best to part ways with him. I respect him and wish nothing but the best for him.  Max quitting Escape The Fate was like a godsend. It was a no brainer to have him join. I’ve known him half my life and this will be a great new chapter to start.”

Falling in Reverse are set to play the entire summer on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour which will mean that Max Green and Ronnie Radke will be touring the summer festival together once again for the first time since they were both respective members of Escape the Fate. It was only this past week that Max Green announced that he was leaving Escape the Fate citing that it was a personal decision and that he and the band were still on very good terms. The quote AltPress got from Max Green was :

“Reuniting with longtime friend Ronnie Radke in his band Falling In Reverse feels nothing but right at this time in my life. I look to forward to playing shows and creating memories together again with him and his amazing band of bros.”

This line up change certainly comes as a surprise for sure but Green will be the third bassist to be a member of Falling in Reverse. Prior to Ficarro the bassist position was held by Mika Horiuchi, who was kicked out of the band shortly after their first or second tour. It is uncertain whether Green’s role in the band will become a permanent one with him recording on the band’s next album or if he will only fill the place for the remainder of the band’s touring year. As of this writing no official statements have been provided from any parties involved and the only site reporting this transition of band members is AltPress. Hopefully Ficarro’s departure was on good terms because there is no need to create bad blood with a talented musician, however there is no doubt that the Falling in Reverse fans will welcome Green to the band because he is certainly more than capable of filling the spot. Green and Radke were reunited last year in a three part video feature and toured earlier this year on the Bury The Hatchet tour together, it is a truly remarkable thing that the two were able to put their long standing differences behind each other to the point that they could be in the same band again. As this story develops we will keep things updated with official statements and more information.

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